Guest Suing Hilton For $100 million, Claims ‘Perv’ Filmed Her Showering

A hotel guest is suing Hilton Worldwide for $100 million, claiming she was unknowingly filmed showering at a Hampton Inn and Suites in Albany, N.Y., it has been reported.

The alleged incident occurred in 2015 .

The woman said she was blackmailed by the person who recorded the footage.

According to reports, the female filed a lawsuit in Virginia where Hilton Worldwide is based.

The document claims that she initially had no knowledge that her privacy was invaded until September of this year, when the self-described “perv” reached out and informed her of his actions, according to Fox News.

According to the lawsuit, the woman, from Chicago, received an email from the blackmailer on Sept. 30, containing a link to the footage that had been posted to a pornographic website.

The Albany Times said that her name was also shared on the site, along with personal information.

The emailer eventually began sending the footage to her co-workers and asked that she begin sending $1,000 for the next year, along with $2,000 up front, presumably to stop the distribution.

NBC News reported that although the identity of the suspect has not been determined, the woman’s lawyer, Roland Christensen, said he believes the blackmailer is an employee of the Hilton based on the suspect’s knowledge of his client’s personal information.


  1. Some things may be true, but proving them in court may not be so easy. And with people now staging incidences to get money, lights will be shined in every corner to be sure that nothing unscrupulous from the guest took place. Some years ago a young Lady had her own brother beat her up in a hotel room, then she sued the hotel. Everything came crashing down when she did not give her brother the amount of money she
    had agreed to pay him. We just have to stay tuned. You also have children faking their own kidnapping to get money from parents.

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