Gun-Toting Robbers Tell Ciceron Victims They Didn’t Come To Kill

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When two gun-toting bandits attacked a community shop in Ciceron on Tuesday, they assured their victims that they did not come to kill anyone, the owner of the business says.

Susanna Hippolyte-Anatole who owns Suzie’s One Stop Grocery Shop, says the incident occurred about 3.00 pm.

Interviewed by HTS Evening News, she recalled that her son and a female attendant were in the shop when the bandits arrived.

Hippolyte-Anatole disclosed that according to her son’s account the men demanded cash.

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“Two fellows walked in the shop and said they did not come to kill anyone, they just came to rob and take the money, give them the money,” the shop owner this week told HTS Evening News.

Hippolyte-Anatole indicated that the men appeared to have some knowledge of the operation of her business, because they looked under the counter where the cash was kept and took it.

She stated that after taking the cash amounting to some $1000 and her son’s mobile telephone, the men walked away.

The Ciceron businesswoman expressed the view that the armed duo may have had an accomplice waiting in a getaway vehicle.

She lamented that it was the first time in over forty years that her business had been attacked by thieves.

Hippolyte-Anatole believes that the attackers may have come from outside the community since she is well known as one who assists others in need.

No one was injured in the armed robbery which was captured on CCTV cameras.

Police are investigating.


Photos courtesy HTS Evening News.

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