Saturday, February 22, 2020

Gunman Boards Bus In Castries, Robs Passenger

A gunman boarded a bus in Castries and robbed a female passenger before escaping.

The vehicle was on its way from Bocage to Castries.

The incident occurred about 6:10 am Friday, according to bus driver Lucius Reynold.

Reynold, of Bocage,  told St Lucia Times that a male individual estimated to be in his thirties, stopped the vehicle in Marchand, Castries and boarded it.

He said once on board, the man robbed a female passenger at the back, taking away her handbag which contained a mobile telephone and other valuables.

Reynold disclosed that at the time of the incident, he and three others were aboard the vehicle.

He said the bandit, who wore no maask, took nothing from him.

The bus driver explained that during the commotion at the back of the bus where the female victim was sitting, he had difficulty controlling the vehicle.

He said after robbing the woman, the bandit escaped.

Reynold noted that as a result of the Friday morning incident, he is afraid and considering getting another occupation.

The President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand, told St Lucia Times that the latest incident demonstrates the need for bus drivers to be vigilant and security conscious.

He also cited the need to introduce the long mooted cashless system for the public transport system.

In addition, Ferdinand spoke of the need to consider the use of CCTV cameras and for increased police patrols in some areas.


  1. The wirk force is being exploited by local businessmen and expatriates who exploit and oppress the work force with 900 dollars a month working 14 hour shifts low wage rates and high cost of living it is the system that is control by people who are Freemasons rotary club lions club corrupt politician and people ehi join secret societies and the chamber of commerce the are the real criminal who have all the money in the bank

    • Start a petition for$10.. Minimum wage..
      Don’t be scared.
      Get your selves out of mental slavery,.
      Demonstrate, Demonstrate, Demonstrate and demand better wages..

  2. So what Mr Ferdinand is saying is that if there are criminals robbing people near supermarkets the solution is to get rid of supermarkets . What an idiot

    • Ferdinand is an idiot..
      People are hungry, and They will do anything for survival..
      Go and Demonstrate, Demonstrate, Demonstrate..
      It is better you take over the streets,, instead of the killer’s..

  3. The mini bus drivers should arm their self’s st.lucia has become an unsafe place to many people have guns let the police loose on the criminals you have to think like them Helen of the west had been destroyed by people who does not want to work and get free money.LET THE POLICE Do THEIR THING MY PEOPLE

  4. Why did the gunman not rob the driver who perhaps had more on him? He also ignored the other three passengers? Just curious.

  5. I am not sure if the government, law enforcement, the powers that be and or the citizens of St. Lucia honestly understanding what’s happening relative to crime in the small island of St. Lucia. You all need to take control because sooner or later you all will be running for your lives. I have been reading and it’s extremely disturbing what’s happening in St. Lucia.

  6. We blame Government, we blame the Police, let’s just assume that there were jobs
    out there begging for tackers – what you all fail to or just refuse to understand is, there’s
    a criminal mentality in today’s society, who are hell bent to Rob than to work. Most of
    them are ex convicts who don’t give a damn if they are caught, been there, done that.
    What is more fearful is when they have to use weapons to achieve their means. In a
    Godless and Lawless society, anything goes.The evil one is loose and hard at work.

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