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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am
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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am

Gunman Robs Members Of Two Castries Families

A lone gunman robbed members of two Balata, Castries families on Friday morning shortly before 10.00 am.

One of the victims, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told St Lucia Times that the incident occurred at a two storey apartment building.

According to the victim, the gunman suddenly appeared from behind the house.

“He put a gun to my head, took my chain and my bangle,” he recalled.

The victim told St Lucia Times the gunman also took his mobile telephone.

“He told me ‘Go down the road before I shoot you’,” the victim said.

The victim told St Lucia Times he saw the gunman heading upstairs, so he shouted to alert a male individual  who occupied the upstairs apartment.

According to the victim, the male that he alerted to the presence of the gunman managed to escape through a back door and raised an alarm for two female tenants who were in the downstairs apartment at the time.

But he said the intruder appeared downstairs, telling the young women that he would not hurt them.

“He took their laptop, he took money from them,” the victim disclosed.

He said he went to a neighbour to summon the police who arrived within ‘reasonable time’, but the gunman had already escaped.

The victim recalled that the gunman had a red bandana which was partially concealing his face.

Police are investigating the incident.



  1. Be thankful that no one was hurt. St Lucia is getting so bad. 10am in the morning WOW we are not safe even during the day from these crimes.

  2. One of St. Lucia’s biggest mistakes, was not putting bite into penalties for illegal gun ownership. Hardly anyone is afraid of the penalties. Common sense clearly shows the risks of having a gun for criminality, are worth the rewards. The authorities winning formula is to fine them or sometimes imprison them for short stints. Then, they are back to doing the same thing. What a winning strategy!

    The much touted Crime Symposium of yesteryears, was supposed to be implemented “very soon.” Oh well, we are in St. Lucia the land of hot air.

  3. Kenny could not make us safe now Chastanet is doing it. Well done Chas. If you are supporting a man who is a liar you are a liar too.

  4. One of these Good Days Someone will Shoot these Thugs with a Fishing Gun and Let the Intruder Run with the his Rear

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