Gunman With Shopping Basket Attempts to Rob Gros Islet Business

A gunman with a shopping basket fled a Gros Islet business establishment after a failed robbery.

The man who pretended to be a shopper, attempted to pull off a robbery earlier this week.

But the attempt on Thursday about 1:45 pm failed after the cashier fled and the bandit failed to get the cash register open.

A video of the incident, which occurred at the Maison Salaizon outlet in the north of the island, was posted on social media.

The recording, which lasts for a little over a minute, shows the ‘shopper’ with a basket of goods in line at the cashier.

He is wearing a mask as encouraged by health authorities to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As the cashier checks the items in his basket, the bandit looks around furtively, reaches for a firearm and points it at the woman who flees in panic.

He leaps over the counter as others in the business establishment at the time scurry for cover.

The gunman, after making a failed attempt to open the cash register, jumps back over the counter.

But apparently the thought of having gone so far and leaving without anything to show for his crime was too much for him to bear, so he scales the counter again in another attempt to get at the cash.

After failing a second time, he jumps back over the counter and escapes.

Just recently, Sergeant Shervon Matthieu, dubbed – The Cop Who Cares, had released a video urging business owners to be on guard against the possibility of persons wearing masks who enter their business places with ulterior motives.

A security official told St Lucia Times that the incident highlights the need for business people to be on guard against persons who wear masks, ostensibly to halt the spread of COVID-19, but whose real intention is to commit crime.

The security official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of not being authorised to do so by his employer, observed that some banks require that customers face security cameras and remove their masks temporarily before entry so that in the event of a crime, they can be identified later.


  1. Hopefully he’s caught … Should be an easy catch for the police . also the public should help with tips. Thieves taking advantage of mask wearing to commit crimes

  2. In 2016 when this government assumed power, unlicensed firearms was the number one security threat in the country. Fast forward to 2020, it still remains the number one threat. New laws or amended laws for firearms have not been implemented.
    The security guy is a big joke. What a massive failure! He think it’s a lark.

  3. These Business Establishments want to earn s Million Dollars every day but Security not a dimel
    .its time goýt implement Strict measures against Business establishments.Security being the number one

  4. So happy no innocent persons were injured or lost their lives. Even happier that the gunman got nothing. I hope someone from the public could Identify him so that he can be taken before a magistrate and then sentence to a long time in prison.

    St. Lucia is inundated with all sort of crimes. The authorities are impotent. The island has become a criminal paradise.

  5. The police to busy doing their own thing, every where you turn you seeing a police vehicle parked by a party or at a married womans house when her husband isn’t at home. Some police are busy conducting their crimes of their own and mingling with criminals especially with drug dealers. Why not more police patrols in all hot spots.

  6. Some police officers hang out at the shopping malls going from store to store troubling the female employees. Some join the police force to be untouchable when they committing their own crimes. The police force needs a big overhauling. Proper screening and lie detector tests. Their income and financial situation needs to be constantly scrutinized. No one can trust a St Lucia police officer

  7. When you force a people to wear masks for a virus that the CDC now says can’t be passed on from person to person,that’s what you will get.

    Everyone is forced to look like a thief so they are now acting like a thief. There are so many thieves hidden behind these masks. I don’t wear masks and I will never wear a mask.

    I remember asking a young sale girl once,how do you know the difference between a thief and customer? She said I don’t I just hope.

    Sad reality…Sad.

    Next will be the fainting on the streets with this carbon sniffer on your face. The worst is yet to come.

    • The CDC NEVER said what you claim. Everyone go to the organization’s website and verify with your own eyes. Definitely reading too many comic books.

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