Thursday, September 29, 2022

Gunmen Rob Gros Islet Female, Fire Gunshots in Neighbourhood

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Gunmen robbed a female resident of Riviere Mitan, Gros Islet Tuesday night about 11.00 pm.

The woman, Mandy Bruno, recalled  that a vehicle appeared to be following hers some time after she left work.

“When I reached almost to my home I realised that this vehicle is up to something,” Bruno told St Lucia Times.

She said when she reached home, she examined her surroundings and on looking into her rear view mirror saw someone heading towards her vehicle.

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“I sat back in my vehicle and pulled the door, but the person had walked so fast that they managed to hold the door handle,” Bruno stated.

She said the individual pointed a gun at her, while another bandit with a firearm suddenly appeared on the other side.

The Gros Islet resident told St Lucia Times that the men took her mobile telephone.

She recalled screaming, at which point one of the men tried to hold her mouth.

Bruno said she shifted herself to prevent it from happening, at which point she was asked to exit her vehicle.

“My handbag was on the passenger seat. I took my handbag and I left the vehicle for them,” she explained.

Bruno said the men attempted to go with the vehicle but could not move it, whereupon they confronted her on the steps to her house as she was about to enter the home and demanded the keys.

“When they told me that, I had a certain anger. I had to tell them ‘You all asked me to leave the vehicle, so why come and ask me for the keys? You all should go back in the vehicle and look for the keys because I did not have the time to take the keys,'” she told St Lucia Times.

Bruno said the men jumped over the balcony to try to get the vehicle keys, at which point she entered her house and slammed the door shut.

“That’s when they started bursting shots – they burst shots at the vehicle,” she said.


“I realised that they were upset because what they came for, they could not leave with it,” Bruno said.

Bruno expressed the view that the men came for her vehicle.

She cautioned motorists, especially females, to be vigilant and recognise when bandits are tailing them.

She stated that the people of her community have been very supportive and she is thankful to God that she was not hurt.

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