Thursday, October 6, 2022

Gunmen Rob Visitors In Soufriere, Sexually Assault Female

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Saint Lucia police have one man in custody as they investigate a report that gunmen robbed three UK visitors on the Soufriere beach and sexually assaulted a woman who was part of the group.

Law enforcement officials told St Lucia Times that three bandits accosted the two men and a woman in the early hours of Monday morning after an event on the beach.

According to the officials, the armed bandits relieved the visitors of valuables and proceeded to assault the woman sexually.

But with the assistance of community members, the police disclosed that they were able to arrest a suspect.

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A source familiar with the investigation told St Lucia Times that the person in custody is a teenager.

Another source who spoke on the condition of anonymity condemned the incident, asserting that has come at a time when Soufriere tourism Soufriere is booming.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. All this backward and forward writing on crime in St. Lucia is no good. It is as bad as it is and it is noticeable that (maybe) some may have racist axes to grind. Look it guys, put a stop to it. No doubt, long before things became tough(and U haven’t seen anything yet)crime was ravaging this poor Island. Failure to find the culprits in little Soufriere, is an indication that the entire police force in St. Lucia is a dismal failure – it should be dismantled, keeping only a few, for administrative purposes. Bring in some Bajans & top Trini Brass, for one year to staighten things out for one year, after a review, we’ll see how things doing.
    Let me hasten to say, certain element/s in Government may not allow it, this will be the final Nail in the economic Coffin of St. Lucia.( I pray, the Lord God be your gide. Peace & love.)

  2. I’ve been planing on visiting the island for a month beginning in late April.

    Reading this piece and following comments, now I’m having second thoughts.

    • I’ve just cancelled my booking. My son arrived on Monday and was held at knifepoint on Tuesday after going for a meal. He was not drunk and he’d been told he was in a safe place. He’s terrified

      • Is this really true or are you making this all up because you have an axe to grind? I have not heard of anyone being held up at gunpoint and having to return back immediately. Tell us what was the purpose of your son’s trip to St Lucia? Some of you parents love to blab about your grown up children and how good they are without looking at both sides of the coin. Most times your kids are the ones instigating things and when they are confronted you lot moan. Do you know what your son is up to all of the time? Please don’t try to paint a bad picture about St Lucia without first finding out both sides of the story. Why didn’t your son stay to help police in identifying the culprit/s? Instead of returning he could have stayed to see justice done. Why do a runner before the culprit/s are arrested and tried in court? Common now.

    • PLease stay where you are and don’t bother us as we will not miss you and frankly we don’t care. Stop moaning about our beautiful country, crime is everywhere. When you are perfect you can judge us but until then just keep quiet and say no more.

  3. They need to bring back those shoot to kill operations they used to run in the 2000s. It’s one thing to rob but to r***. I hope they find and execute him. If you want to retain some semblance of the tourist industry take this seriously.

  4. I have been married to a st lucian for 30 years and was thinking of retiring in st lucia but i am afraid to do so from all the negative stuff going on in the island and the crime is everyplace but does make it very difficult to retire with fear of neing murdered or beaten for my belongings i worked my whole life for.until the governments start to inforce the laws put them in prison,harrassement is harrassement and in canada you go to jail for it,it must be stopped at all cost so blame your government not the police they need more police stricter laws and education on crime drugs and looters

    • Oh Please spare me the crap. Like Canada is any better. Nowhere in the world is safe woman. Canada is infested with crimes and criminals. St Lucia does not need people like you with an ax to grind. Stay where you are it is perhaps safer. Stop complaining about our beautiful island. I bet the man that you are married to is moaning about his country as well, They all do when they travel abroad. They forget where they come from and start to badmouth their places of origin. Before you look without please look within.Canada does not even have it’s own head of state. The queen of England who is thousands of miles away is your head of state. You lot behave like old colonials. Who is going to take advice from a people who don’t have their head of state? Please stop your rhetoric.

      • @WasinMarlobee Who are you ambassador POOP? Everyone that make a comment you must respond? Get a grip, your country does have crime and a mountain of unsolved murders with no end in sight.

        And for a small island, the crime is more than Canada and many other countries if you have check the crime rate per capita statistics.

        So you should be quiet and stop trying to tell people what the can and cannot say!

  5. I pray for everyone involved in this situation. St. Lucia is the most beautiful place I’ve been, not just physically. Her most precious beauty lies within the hearts of her people. Bad things happen everywhere, especially during hard times economically. Let’s not blame an entire country for the actions of a few. Jah bless us, each and every one. 😔

  6. why when I say about other instances that have occured like this my comments are blocked, what are we trying to hide?

  7. It’s so sad that humans can denigrate to the level of a beast. These ppl have families…sisters,brother s, friends. They plot and commit with no hesitation their evil acts. When they are captured, justice must be swift. We should have day and night court to deal with all manner of infractions and social injustices no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. These small things are the base for society’s ills. A parent should have the recourse of taking a minor before the small court to deal with small matters before they become hooligans preying on law abiding citizens. Let’s have day and night Courts to deal with small matters. Our court system is burdened with all types of trivialities. Leys separate the sheep from the goats early.

  8. The police need to get out there and walk the street 24/7. Not just sit at the station. Them young people have no respect for the police; they look at the police some one just lucky to be collecting a pay check. You walk the street of Soufriere and no officers; because they are either at the station, home or someone’s home. Beggars will beg and follow you with no fears ( you the ones who will be afraid) with police only steps away.


    • Good Day Gary, I share your concern and do hope you can reconsider your mindset of switching, We see every part of the world has it own issues and unfortunately we will not be able to prevent some things from happening. St. Lucia like every part of the world including Antigua has its challenges, What happen in St. Lucia has also happen other places sad to say. No persons locals included should have their bodies and belongings violated. Our locals are very upset and disturbed with what happened hence the reason why the law enforcement team was able to make an arrest so quickly. St. Lucia is still a beautiful place to visit and most of our people are friendly and do appreciate visitors to our island. This happened way hours of the morning sad to say and I believe that justice will be done. I encourage you to keep St. Lucia as your destination, every ones experience is different in its own way. Thank you

      • What justice?? He will be out in few days. If they are jail at all; will spend little time in prison. You see it all the time beggars on the street harassing visitors with police just steps away. Once had a beggar follow me all the way to my guesthouse in Soufriere; because he felt what I gave him wasn’t enough. Few years back there was some workers that was working the street , but they too was putting their hands out yo the tourist. And some of the locals feels like, what you the visitors expert, that the people/ beggars have to eat. Many of these young people rather than take little jobs there are( they all want big paying jobs, 9-5 with hour lunch break and weekends off to party). Many visitors works all year round in the bitter cold for what they have. And there in st lucia many young people doesn’t want to work, they wants things just handed to them. Crime in st lucia is very bad and the harassment is getting worst as many young ones is in the get rich fast, without wanting to work decent. There’s not much place safe to go in st lucia anymore, and the only enjoyment place was the beach; now that you can’t even enjoy; because it’s not safe. Things is just opening back up. And already there scaring the visitors. Have the police get out off the building and have them walking the street day and night. Many times you walking Soufriere and not one police in sight ( because they all sitting st the station or at home or some house or bar) instead of walking the street. At events is worst;

      • Problem is many young people wants to get rich quick at no cost. Put them in jail and they’re out in no time. They need longer sentence. Visitors is making a come back and this is just scaring them away. Justice!

    • My son is getting on a plane as soon as possible. He was mugged on Tuesday evening walking in a nice neighbourhood

    • PLease stay where you are and don’t bother us as we will not miss you and frankly we don’t care. Stop moaning about our beautiful country, crime is everywhere. When you are perfect you can judge us but until then just keep quiet and say no more.Like you don’t have crimes in your country. You people just love to moan to make yourselves feel better.Go away!

  10. This is what pjp administration have to worry about..instead of trying to go behind skyfm the criminals take over the country..the tourists will go back to the country and discourage other people don’t visit st lucia..we need outside help

    • You don’t sound like a visitor. You more sound like one of those uwp hacks who doesn’t care about the country but only see yellow and will call down the country just because u r still bitter.

  11. If found guilty, hope they are put away for a long time for armed robbery , possession of illegal gun and sexual assault. Law enforcement needs to send a strong message.

    • As a close relative of the beautiful young woman who along with the young men that were assaulted and raped nothing less than a life sentence for the animals that carried out these vile acts will be acceptable.
      I will not rest until justice is done.

  12. The country is in a sad state of decay. Gangrene has set in. The slow death of the nation is on the horizon, and we’ll witness it unless there’s a comprehensive change in the moral state of many among us in this nation who behave worse than brute beasts! And leaders, this isn’t just about tourism or the tourist dollar! Lucians, shame on us if that’s what we limit these reprehensible things to when we hear of such low-down and cowardly acts!! We can’t condemn such despicable incidents primarily through the lens of tourism or the tourist dollar! I cannot believe that I actually read that “Another source who spoke on the condition of anonymity condemned the incident, asserting that (this) has come at a time when Soufriere tourism is booming”! It’s about the total depravity that allows vile hearts within our midst to sexually assault a human being at gunpoint even after the heartless thugs relieved the innocent and unsuspecting visitors of their valuables! The justice system and the society must now ensure that the culprits are apprehended and punished to the fullest extent of the law! Fair Helen is in deep doo-doo and will sink in its filth as long as murders and the scourge of vile, shameful acts as these continue to scar the face of a beautiful island!

  13. Oh well Soufriere again ! This time it’s not cruise ship passengers or tourist going to Sulphur Springs. At one point Soufriere had Concierge to keep an eye on visitors to prevent this sort of thing from happening……Gee I wonder who was the Yellow Jackass that got rid of them ?

    • Agree 100%true. But even the (concierge was begging) and most times they was just sitting around doing nothing. We had beggars follow us around because they wanted more money than what we gave and the so call concierge was just sitting there on their cell. They said, beggars have to eat too and they wasn’t harming anyone.

  14. That’s what happens when you ignore the smallest of infractions. The perpetrators get more bold. They graduate. Then this. They already going after police. Politicians remember, you reap what you sow…


  16. Is there any good news these days? It’s like everyday there’s just some form of bad news…The future looks DIM!!!

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