Saturday, December 7, 2019

Gunshot To Head Kills Man At Dennery

Police are investigating the shooting death of a man at La Ressource, Dennery early Saturday morning.

The deceased has been identified as Kim Gustave of Odsan.

Reports are that he was shot ‘execution style’.

According to the reports, the victim was shot at point blank range as he watched Jouvert celebrations about 5.00 am.

A male individual is said to have walked up to him and shot him in the head.

Gustave was pronounced dead on the scene.

Social media has been flooded with videos and photos of the deceased lying on his back with clear evidence of a bloody wound to the head.

He was wearing a white tee shirt, a blue three quarter pants and white and grey socks.

A pair of Nike slippers are near his feet.

Law enforcement sources say that no eyewitnesses have come forward so far.

A reliable source told St Lucia Times that apparently the Dennery police were not aware that permission was given for the Jouvert celebration.

(Story updated)


  1. They were not aware and the activity went ahead regardless? Smh!!! Don’t blame it on the rain that was only falling!!! St. Lucia has become lawless. Too much illegality in this place. I will still call on Chas!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re so right about that. This place is obscenely lawless. I hope the authorities are aware that persistent lawlessness eventually leads to chaos. I’m sure the police would’ve caught wind of the activity. But of course they did nothing because one of the organisers probably know some politician who told them to go ahead. What can a corporal do when he reports this to he superior who then tell him don’t act on it? Would you defy that superior? Lawlessness comes from the top. The list of requirements to hold a mass crowd event is very long. Very very few events ever meet those requirements. Even if you report it, neither the Royal St. Lucia Police Farce nor the Dekdek Control Authority ever stop them. Nobody is held accountable here for anything.

  2. Kenny could not do it, Chastanet is doing it now. Well said Chas, to hell with the Niggers in St Lucia, once we the Whites are protected, don’t bother about the slaves.

    • Is silly comments like that that makes politicians fool you…kenny or chas every gave those fools guns…No. Those young men who refuse to work while in school and when out are the planners of their own fate…The answer to crime starts at HOME…When parents turn away from the moral and spiritual responsibilities the resut is in your and my face.

    • They hate to hear the truth about their lying PM Allen Wicked Chastenet. When was Kenny it was his fault. ..even Alvina was blamed for suicides. Now Allen who promised to curb crime not getting blamed for his in abilities at all…he right to treat yall lucians like dogs.

      • Facts! four years ago anytime someone was killed it was Kenny fault. Now all of a sudden of prime ministers take no responsibility for the crime situation ?

      • Yes that’s true. We not trying to blame any politician but remember the politician (you know who) made promises of putting measures in place to solve the crime situation. He started it so obviously people will remember and remind him or others of his statements when he was trying to get people votes. BTW what measures has he put in place, just asking if anyone knows.

  3. Some things are said so that people are made aware of current standards what ”white man” was doing was pointing out the status quo and making reference that such would not happen in the opulent locals like say Rodney Bay where just so happens a lot of the locals of the paler persuasion manifest themselves. People it’s called satire used effectively by Geoffery Chouser in the Canterbury Tales. Not every thing said in jest was meant to be a joke.

    • Don’t use vocabulary so that your point seems factual ..knowledge is not wisdom..because in my opinion both you and white boy are talking *******….did you even understand what he said….i for one hope he was being sarcastic.. And was sending a message to the st. Lucian population.. Else..lord hold my tongue

  4. “The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart.” Evil hearts do evil things.
    People really need the Lord.

    • Valerie when you will elect Philip j Pierre as your PM he will take care of everything use your brain don’t let people use it for you.

  5. Carnival not finishing? Keep revelling and partying Saint Lucians, because that is what the politicians want so you are so distracted that you not checking what really going on in the country.

  6. Am just here to read the comments where everybody is blaming the yellow party, the red party & the police, EXCEPT for the trigger happy criminals🙄🤔🤔

  7. If there was Constant Mobile patrol.I. these Communities the police would have Stop that Foolishness .Permission must be given by the police to have these Nonsense events .This happen in the Full view of People and the police have no information .

  8. Common sense reading some of the these comments is sucking, Kenny and chastent children don’t kill.You all have a brain stop letting people use it for you all. Stop the politics and the hatred and let’s love with each other peace and love.

  9. Bolo and Dem from Jacmel that kill him. I saw when it happened. They were in an arguement for stolen cocaine, and Debreo from jacmel came from a black toyota voxy and shot him in the face and the all ran into the van and moved.

  10. When some of us are blaming the government of the day, for crimes etc. some people are saying we are talking politics, no, it is only them can put mesures in place for such crimes; because some of us believe that the existing laws need to be renforcé! our government need to find out where they can put stiffer penalties for these criminals! for killing is free in d land!

  11. Rusty, why not come forward with that info to the real cops ?
    Violence is every where in the world.. drugs use and abuse is there too..
    but st Lucia is wayyyyy to small for this type of mess to be happening , so damn often !

  12. as long as st Lucia’s hate them self’s and believe only white people can run st Lucia all other people will be seen as disposable, if this was happening to white people the powers that be will do everything in their power to put a stop to it the next time st Lucia’s goes to the poles to vote don’t vote based on how light skinned the candidate is vote for some one who has your best interest at hart. the people st Lucia is voting into power hate you hate people of color. i know this will make a lot of you mad but the truth will do that. love what you see in the mirror not what you are told to love. Proud St Lucian longing to come home

  13. Rusty if you know so much then you should be the one to go forward because you’re claiming that you saw everything
    I really don’t know why you’ll like to just point hands and wrongly accuse people so because “bolo” or whatever they names are was in an argument with him for cocaine it just automatically makes him the killer you’ll really need to stop that bull**** stop mentioning people name when you’ll didn’t see or don’t know
    Kim was nothing good either anyways every dog has its day who am I too judge
    Let’s stop pointing hands at innocent people stop that bull**** because I’m pretty sure it ain’t none of these people who pulled the trigger at Kim get ur facts straight

  14. All these Homicides are Drug Related and as I will always say it happens in the Full view of people .This is a perfect Example .Someone gave the killers name .He maybe arrested by the police

  15. When you see bolo and debreo die like dog bolo ting he to hot his turn soon come man soon yall go attend his funeral yall man better doh lime

  16. Unknown u a real idiot u and rusty calling Bolo and debrio name behind some coward social media why y’all eh go and face them one life to live it’s true some people die innocent but more than half of them man that dying not innocent they reaping what they sow we all have our day so live your life the right way so that your life is not cut short for being stupid or taking stupid actions you might regret in life….so free de fellas name cuz bolo and debrio is innocent until proven guilty so unless y’all not ready to go up on a witness stand stop talking crap on social media

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