Guy Joseph Blasts ‘Political’ Calls For Relocation Of Courthouse

Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph has strongly criticised calls for the relocation of the Magistrate court in Castries, asserting that they are politically motivated.

The calls came in the wake of bomb threats against the court, resulting last week in the evacuation of schools in the centre of the capital and concern for the well-being of students.

Some of the students of the nearby Ave Maria Infant school  had to be taken to hospital for treatment for trauma.

“If you have to evaluate the distance of a courthouse from a school, I think it would be clear that the previous courthouse may have been as close to the R.C school as the existing courthouse, or the temporary courthouse is to the Ave Maria School,” Guy Joseph told reporters outside parliament on Tuesday.

He expressed the view that the issue pertained more to the bomb threats than the location of schools or the courthouse.

Joseph declared that the same individuals who are crying foul today were the ones who opposed the relocation of the courthouse.

“We must not forget what happens in this country,” the Castries South East MP stated.

He expressed the view that when it is politically expedient for some people, it should be done, and when  it is not, it should not be done.

“If a courthouse is a place of bomb scares, are you telling me that the other people who work in proximity to the courthouse are of less value?”

“Are their lives less valuable?” Joseph asked.

“Don’t we all walk by the courthouses? Where is the Cathedral located? Where was the Cathedral located in relation to the courthouse for so many years? Did I hear anybody call for the removal of the courthouse because it’s too close to the Cathedral? ”

“What about when you have a funeral there and you have a couple thousand people there – Isn’t that a target?” Joseph asked reporters.

“We have to be realistic – that when people have their own political ambitions and they try to use scare tactics on the society to achieve their aims,” the Minister said.

He asked where in the world courthouses are in isolation from civilisation.

“The courthouse was next to the parliament – so could it be that nothing should be in proximity to  the parliament? Are we real about what we are asking and what we are saying?”

The Minister asserted that if that is the approach, the courthouse needs to be built somewhere  that is in total isolation in an area where there should be no development.



  1. Take the schools out of the city!! Judiciary houses should be in the city, not schools. Mr Guy Joseph is too dumb to see the reality of proper, logical, city planning for Castries. This administration should take a positive look at how cities are planned and kept.

    • Nonsense, I don’t have a car and town is convenient for me. Leave my child school were it is please and thanks.

  2. Guy is absolutely right at least he has the balls to speak out. Those opposition people are trying everything to create problems for the government including the unions because they don’t like progress. Suddenly there’s mold in every building and so it goes. I hope they remain in opposition that’s what they are best at

  3. Some of these politicians need to refrain from coming before a reporter’s mike or any public speaking event when ill prepared to engage in critual thinking. Most of them especially on the government (but not the heavy roller)side lack the ability to think on their feet. As such when they are caught off guard they speak rubbish as in this case. Guy would have made more sense if he had approach the subject from the stand point of what should happen when there is a bomb threat instead of delving into the dirty partisan political approach where his reasoning was confined to yellow. In my lay man perspective when there is a bomb threat in a particular area the main idea is to vacate that area to a safe distance to avoid as much collateral damage as possible. During that process human life is first and foremost in regards to protection. Within the context of our local situation, when one examines the location and the scenario some factors must be considered. The time of the threat; In that case mid morning on a week day during school hours. It is a fact that the only location where hundreds of human beings were gathered in a single space were fat the two schools within that risky radius. If God forbid, there had to be a detonation to threaten such a radius automatically more lives will be lost at the schools than any other affected space. Whilst there were other human activities within closer proximity it was likely that less persons would have been affected. Both schools are confined within a fenced area so evacuation cannot happen in a timely manner. “Guy it’s not that the other lives do not matter. The numbers are greater and they are more vulnerable.” Those mornings the Cathedral did not have people to talk about. No funeral service at the times threat was made so clearly any prudent argument where the schools are concern is legitimate. I will not tackle whether the schools or the courthouse has to be removed but to say that more sensitivity should be given to the schools in this argument.

  4. Allen Chastanet you are a wicked, evil man. If your children were at that school you would ensure their environment is safe and not disruptive. You will pay Allen…at the polls!

  5. I hadly agree with this St Lucian Indian. This is but once. They need to relocate the principal…and the PTA
    They causes more truma than the bomb or fire.

  6. You have to move the children,but you dont need to walk them to the Mindo park,they could have gone to the square,and that would have been fine,you dont need to evacuate more than 200 meters radius.for a device the size of a shoe box,that could be carried by hand into the building,Course a car bomb is a diffrent thing.But well all enjoy a day off from work.

  7. Clear logic and reasoning…well articulated. That’s critical thinking!!!! St. Lucians stop being so political about everything and think! think! before you’ll speak. As for the Teachers, I expected better from them but then again “politics”. Teachers you’ll are sending the wrong message to the children…educate them just as the minister did…teach them to be critical thinkers… The media? another set of jokers!

  8. @St Lucian Donkey…. Goat….. There is proof of the mold stupid a*****e it’s people like you that end up sick and still would support the stupidness these politicians doing… How long has it been since maintenance has been done in those buildings which are sealed and sweat…. Moisture is a condition for mold to develop… Die UWP die SLP that’s all some St Lucians can do… None of these parties SLP or UWP take the necessary steps to prevent it but want to get vex when people stand up for their health… Maybe you should look up the effects of mold exposure only then you would shut your a**

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