Guy Joseph Chides SLP Over ‘Intimidation Tactics’

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Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph, says he is putting the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) on notice that its intimidation tactics will not work.

In doing so, Joseph made reference to the April 24 incident at the Forestiere SDA Church, where SLP Castries South East Candidate, Joachim Henry, confronted him.

“I want to put them on notice. They came to the church and they appear to have gotten away with it because this is church, but out there is a different environment,” the Economic Development Minister explained.

He told the programme ‘Inside Castries South East’ that the labour party was blocking the road in certain places in his constituency.

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And Joseph recalled that although he has a curfew pass, he was at the time heading to his home at Forestiere about 8.00 pm to arrive before curfew time.

He said when he arrived at Trois Piton, some drivers told him they had been blocked and advised him to make a detour because labour party people were on the road ‘misbehaving.’

“I know in campaigns people get excited,” Joseph said, but he recalled indicating to the motorists who asked him to make a detour that he would not do so.

“That’s the road to my home and I am going to my home,” the Castries South East MP asserted.

However, he said when he passed no one interfered with him, told him anything or tried to stop his vehicle which had a big yellow flag.

Nevertheless, Joseph pointed to the need for a campaign in which individuals are respected.

“Do not try to block people when they are on the road or when people are about their private business their vehicle is being knocked, people doing things, if they have flags on their vehicle people want to pull down their flags – labour party don’t want to go down that road. If they go down that road, it will not be good for anybody in Saint Lucia,” he observed.

“So I think Philip J. Pierre, the so-called leader of the labour party – although he doesn’t have the gonads to be able to say anything that is correct, but I am still appealing to him because he is the name leader of the party, to advise his people to conduct themselves better, “Joseph stated.





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