Guy Joseph ‘Flabbergasted’ Over Allegations Against Him

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Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph, declared Monday night that he is ‘flabbergasted’ over allegations that he used the death of the son of his political rival to gain political mileage.

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, Joachim Henry, made the accusation against Joseph.

As a result, Henry said he went to the Forestierre SDA church on Saturday to confront Joseph over the issue.

“I don’t go about attacking people,” Guy Joseph told GVD TV.

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“The accusations levelled at me, I am flabbergasted by that,” he stated.

“There’s even no sense of reasoning and rationale for it – about me capitalising on the death of an individual and to capatilise on a family’s grief? I mean, if I do something like that I would have to have a very serious problem,” Joseph declared.

He said he is puzzled and trying to make sense of what happened at the SDA church when Joachim Henry ‘stormed’ in.

“He was just ranting and raving,” according to Joseph as he recounted the events of Saturday.

Nevertheless, Joseph said said he was being as considerate as possible under the circumstances.

“I will take away nothing from the grief of Mr. Henry and his family,” he explained.

The MP appeared with his wife on the programme.

And he recalled that he had told her if the Henry family wanted him to be their punching bag to vent their frustrations on him, he would have gladly taken it.

“I am sure that would be less painful for me than the pain that they are going through for their loss,” he said

Joseph said he had read some of the comments describing him as a monster and indicating that because he is childless he has a block of ice for a heart.

“These are the words that have been used by that family to describe me,” he observed.

However, the MP said to this date he is still waiting to hear what he did or said to dishonour the name of their son that would cause them to have that kind of venom towards him.

“If lashing out at me at this point in time makes them feel better, then I am happy to take these blows,” he stated.


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