Sunday, January 19, 2020

Guy Joseph Says Fake Facebook Profile Created In His Name

Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph has become the latest politician to fall victim to scammers on social media.

In a post on his official Facebook page on September 25, 2019, Joseph said it was brought to his attention that a fake Facebook profile was created in his name.

“That account has been sending persons both inappropriate messages and requests for their financial information under the pretense that they will benefit from Grant Funds,” he stated.

“I wish to categorically disassociate myself with this account and beg that you please do not respond to any of those messages and also report these profiles when you receive such messages,” the Castries South East MP declared.

He disclosed that he was aware that several other Ministers including Prime Minister Allen Chastanet have been affected by the same scam.

“We are currently working to identify these scammers. Thank you for your cooperation,” Joseph wrote.

In recent weeks opposition politicians, including Vieux Fort South MP and former Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, have also reported the creation of fake social media accounts in their names.


  1. These stupid antiquated politicians are showing their age and their lack of experience in anything technology related. Guy, this happens daily to ordinary people so stop making it as though it’s about your position. I have received friend requests from people who I am already already friends with and I let them know. Most times they are unaware of this new Facebook profile. They simply report it to Facebook and it’s taken care of. It happened to me, a mere mortal…silly man. You should be flattered old fool cause no one wants to be you. Who knows, the fake profile may be more human than you lol. Go do some work and earn your salary instead of ripping off the country and reporting on crap like this. Chupse tan

  2. Why are you’ll wasting time bringing the experts in. You’ll are aware who they are , don’t wait until the chassis on the road bring them stop and expose the idiots doing that.

  3. Guy you looking for love ,not here buddy,you have to go to night club and pqy big bucks because the ladies say you smell

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