Guy Joseph Says Opposition Leader Who Called For His Removal Is A Fool

Economic Development Minister, Guy Joseph, Monday launched a scathing attack on opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre.

“I say the opposition leader is just a fool. That’s what he is,” Joseph declared at a pre cabinet news conference.

It’s the latest salvo in the PAJOAH letter controversy.

Pierre last week urged Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, to relieve Joseph of his responsibility for Economic Development over a letter in the public domain from Joseph’s ministry “confirming the direct award of over $162M worth of contracts without Parliament approval.”

The opposition leader recalled that he had called on the Prime Minister to recognize the seriousness of the letter since  Guy Joseph was alleged to have signed it.

“I informed the Prime Minister that if the signature was authentic then this was a rather serious matter and Guy Joseph should be disciplined for gross misbehaviour in public office,” Pierre told a news conference last week, during which he called for Joseph’s removal.

In response, Joseph observed that Pierre was part of the labour party administration  that signed the Rochamel deal and was responsible for the Grynberg matter that is costing Saint Lucia millions of dollars.

The Minister made clear that he was not suggesting that two wrongs make a matter right or if he did something wrong, they had done the same.

“If you want to speak with any moral authority on any matter you must stand as an example of having stood for some principle at some point in time in your life and if you could not have done that, then why do you want to tell other people what to do?”  He declared.

Joseph made reference to the ‘comfort’ letter written under the former labour administration to  developer, Robert Ainsworth.

The developer had proposed to purchase Le Paradis Hotel and acquire some 1000 acres of land by lease or purchase  in the “south” of the island to establish a pharmaceutical industry.

“Even with a cabinet agreement – you take what has happened with the sulphur springs. Do you know that with all the discussions we are having and with all the funds being put in by the World Bank for geothermal exploration, that UNEP has a contract that was entered into by the previous government and we are still unable to get out of this contractual arrangement to take geothermal exploration to the next level?” Joseph stated.

He asserted that it was foolish to indicate that a letter constitutes a contractual agreement.

The Minister said Pierre was part of the labour administration when the decisions were being made and remained mute.

“I have called for the (Robert Lindquist) report  – maybe  that’s the grounds on which he needs to get me to resign – bring out the Robert Lindquist report; show all the accusations that were made about corruption because you paid three million dollars to investigate me. Bring out the report. Maybe that report might have things that then he can ask me to resign, ” Joseph told Monday’s news conference.

“You mean in this day and age a man who stood as Minister of Tourism, Trade, Industry, Commerce, Minister of Infrastructure, Ports – declared Deputy Prime Minister, does not know the procurement guidelines for contracts in Saint Lucia? Does not now that ministers cannot issue contracts?” The Minister said of the leader of the opposition.

According to Joseph, it is foolish to suggest that a letter constitutes a contractual agreement.

“Nobody, not even the Prime Minister, can commit the government to a guarantee until it goes to parliament, so how can a minister do that?” He asked.

Joseph said he could not account for the letter being circulated on social media, could not say that he wrote it and does not know whether it is a forgery.

” I don’t know how it got there. I cannot tell you that this is the letter that I wrote,” the minister stated.


  1. Guy Joseph eat the Elephant balls and wipe his lips clear of all oil content from the balls…. Mr.Joseph your day will soon come…

    • I have heard this before. The 3 million dollars investigation report could make it easier to get rid of Guy. Aks Kenny or Pip to make it available to the PAYERS OF THIS $3,000,000.00. That is we, the public.

      • He can’t even remember if he wrote the letter or not. That in itself speaks volumes. You need to stop deflecting. They have the reigns of power presently and should be able to investigate as much as they want. Maybe we can ask for the million spent on the useless St. Jude’s audit. You need to stop going there because both said have plenty of skeletons in their closet. Let’s stick to the topic at hand

  2. So instead of clearing up the matter Minister Joseph he uses whataboutism to distract people. From his constant refusal to clarify anything one can assume the letter is valid

  3. Guy Joseph has no shame, now I understand why there are so many young criminals bin the island. When the government is made up of criminals what will we expect the rest of the nation to be. As of today everyone inst Lucia should turn to crime. We suppose to follow the example of our leaders.if when we commit a crime anyone castigate us all we have to say is someone has done it before us and the one castigating us is a fool.

  4. Mr. Joseph answer the question: Why did you offer people contract without cabinet’s approval?

    • Which contract did Guy offer. While I totally agree that Guy is an idiot but whah. If we pd 3 million dollars to a white man to get rid of Guy or jail him why is the report not being made public. After all public funds were paid. If he has done something wrong should the report not have captured it. Bring out the report and lets jail him. The Guy has not broken any law, even if he signed that letter. If he did why does Kenny not take him to court or why hasn’t Pierre quoted the law that he broke?

  5. Philip is not only a fool, but a fool who will NEVER be PM. hahahah put that in your pipe an smoke it. As for Kenny, a warrent needs to be issued for his arrest so he can be brought in to be held accountable for selling 8 MILLION ACRES OF OUR COUNTRY”S SEABED.

  6. I am glad this ************ open his *** to say all he has to say and by doing so has open a can of worms for himself and the UWP. Here is a man that lacks CHARACTER IS UNTRUST WORTHY BANDED AND BRANDED by one of our Staunch Allie the UNITED STATES for been A NOTORIOUS CORRUOTED PUBLIC OFFICIAL from St Lucia but yet he was placed in the position that he is in and full of chat to boot. In THE TYPICAL UWP STYLE with their STUTTERING MOTTO “Bub Bub Bub Bub Bub Bub but when you were in power” list a laundry list AS TO JUSTIFY WHY ITS OK FOR HIM OF ALL PEOPLE to do what he is doing in regards to TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUTABILY with the TAX PAYERS MONIES. ONCE AGAIN and I am sure it will not be the last you are CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN and you are not even embarrass this man has NO SHAME. Over to you Prime Minister Pierre I just wanted to get my two cents in first because I know you are not going to let this slide you are just doting your I’s and T’s

  7. This is what they call “political war”! which one of them j…………are right? POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK!

  8. It is sad that a guy is calling pierre a fool. He forget what the bible say in regards to calling a man a fool.

  9. The article started by stating the PAJOAH letter controversy. I didn’t realize there was any controversy. There are real controversy and then there are made up ones. This one is seriously made up. No body cares about this letter other than the opposition.

    • So you don’t care about a document that could cost the country 162 million dollars.? I guess you cared about Juffali which costed the country nothing right? No matter what you think this is a real controversy of the minister’s own making. He could of cleared this up over a month ago but he didn’t and the question is why ? Mr. Guy is normally quick to says things are false but with this one he is being very evasive!

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