Guyana Claims Canadian Diplomat Breached Vienna Convention

The Government of Guyana has expressed “profound disquiet” at what it believes is the violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular relations by the High Commission of Canada.

According to the state-owned Guyana Chronicle, the administration’s concern is linked to  the role the High Commission played in escorting defector Alliance For Change (AFC) Member of Parliament, Charrandas Persaud, out of the country.

Persaud had earlier voted with the opposition to bring down the David Granger Administration coalition administration of which he was part.

The Chronicle said parts of a  letter dispatched to the Canadian High Commission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which the newspaper has seen,  expressed the government’s grave concern over the situation.

The newspaper recalled that on December 21 last year, Charrandas Persaud had opted to vote with the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) to oust the current government.

The publication reported that hours after, the former MP was on a plane to Canada.

According to the Chronicle, Persaud was escorted to the airport by an official of the Canadian High Commission in the person of Richard Beliveau and PPP/C member Peter Ramsaroop.

The newspaper said the issue is that the men were able to access special protocol passes that allowed them access to restricted areas of the airport in their bid to ensure Persaud’s safe departure.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry contended in its letter of complaint  that “several acts and omissions” by Beliveau were brought to its attention, the Chronicle stated.

The ministry also pointed out that it was unaware of any threat to Persaud that would have even required consular protection, it was reported.


  1. We all have seen to well that,when you take the goverment to task,it does not go well for those that attempt that move.I dont see anything wrong,with the Canadians giving one of their own protection till he is out of the country,and safe.He has dual nationality and he obviously did not feel safe in Guyana,after all he brought down the goverment

  2. He voted for the wrong guys,he closed the country,the wanted to eat his had to take holidays urgently,they dont mess around down there.

  3. Is the Guyana Government serious with this ludicrous complaint? The man was threatened on national TV. Mr. Persaud did the right thing and the Canadian High Commission did the ethical thing in getting him out of the country before the threat “Charrandas you dead tonight” came to pass. Go to the damn polls and let the people of Guyana elect a new Government. Damn corrupt politicians. I pray that more politicians will grow a conscience like Charrandas Persaud did….

  4. you guyanese getting more crazy and hot headed with the oil you all get.
    you see when you all go down this time, with that attitude, there will not even be a place call guyana left, if you all dont change your dirty ways.

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