Thursday, December 5, 2019

Guyana ‘Conman’ Condemned For Fake News On President’s Health

The government of Guyana has condemned what the Guyana Chronicle said  was“the malicious and wicked publishing of false articles” relating to the health of President David Granger by a well known ‘conman’.

The publication identified the conman as Dennis Adonis, who operates  on online media outlet – Guyana Guardian.

According to the state-run Guyana Chronicle, the Guyana Guardian published a story titled, ‘President cannot speak- Cancer is in the throat’ on Sunday.

The Ministry of the Presidency (MoTP) said despite issuing several press releases and videos of the Head of State on the issue of his health, the Guyana Guardian continues to spread fake news via its website and Facebook page with the intent of causing public mischief and panic, the Chronicle reported.

The publication quoted the Ministry of the Presidency as saying that President Granger has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and not throat cancer as is being suggested by the online media outfit.

“He is currently being treated in the Republic of Cuba by specialists,” the ministry said.

Granger, along with his wife, First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger, departed Guyana for Cuba to undergo a second round of treatment at the Centro de Investigaciones Médico Quirúrgicas (CIMEQ), the MoTP said.

The MoTP said prior to his departure, the President explained that CIMEQ has drafted a schedule of treatment which will run until May 2019.

After his second round of treatment, the President is expected to return to Cuba later this month to begin the third cycle of chemotherapy.

“While the Government of Guyana respects the fundamental right of its citizens to freedom of speech, as well as press freedom, it condemns in the strongest possible way, the publishing of misinformation [and] untruths,” the MoTP said.

The Chronicle described Adonis as being  no stranger to controversy.

It reported that in 2010, he was charged with fraudulently converting $542,000 to his personal use after he had been entrusted with the money to purchase 100 modems.

Adonis had also collected money from the wider public a few years ago under the pretext that he was bringing professional World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestlers from the US to Guyana, the publication stated.

It said other scams included the promised provision of a wireless communication service, the Royal Antigua money transfer service, which collected people’s money from overseas but failed to deliver same in Guyana; and  were numerous so-called training schemes including a fake institution for training of air stewards.



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