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Updated on July 11, 2020 1:55 pm
Updated on July 11, 2020 1:55 pm
Updated on July 11, 2020 1:55 pm

Guyana Government Says No Confidence Vote Is Of No effect

The drama continues in Guyana following the recent decision by a government MP to support the opposition’s no confidence motion against the coalition administration which had a one seat majority in the 65 seat national assembly.

A controversy is now brewing over whether the shock vote by Charrandas Persaud carried the motion and brought down the administration of President David Granger.

Persaud, who is now in Canada just last week asserted during a speech at a Hindu house of prayer, that the Guyana constitution was clear on the matter.

According to him, once a no confidence motion is passed the president and the cabinet must resign while an interim administration runs the affairs of the country until a next President is put in place.

But the state-owned Guyana Chronicle reported Tuesday that a government delegation has put forward its position to the diplomatic community in the country that the vote is to no effect.

According to the Chronicle, the government’s position is that the opposition did not secure a majority.

The newspaper said a high level meeting took place on Monday between representatives from the American, British, Canadian and European Missions in Guyana and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo who was accompanied by Vice-President and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan; and Minister of State Joseph Harmon.

Nagamootoo was quoted as saying  in a televised address that  the diplomatic representatives were presented  with legal opinions that were given to the government by experts.

It was reported that at the time of the no confidence vote, the Speaker had declared that the motion was carried after 33 persons, including Charrandas Persaud, voted in favour of the motion and 32 against.

However, the government has since asked him to review his ruling on the basis that there was a miscalculation.

The Government is arguing that an absolute majority in the 65-Member National Assembly equals 34 and not 33.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo  emphasised that the current situation presents an opportunity for the courts to give an interpretation on what constitutes a majority, the Chronicle reported.

Nagamootoo was quoted as having said that there is no provision in the constitution for a ‘caretaker government’ and declared that the administration will continue in office until fresh elections are held and a new government will come into office.

Amid opposition  calls for the resignation of the David Granger administration, the Guyana PM made it clear that the government will remain in Office and execute its functions in keeping with the requirements under the Constitution.



  1. It’s all about the oil! These bastards made deals with American, British, and European conglomerates, lined their pockets with millions and now they are attempting to subvert the “will of the people.” Shame on them! They were overconfident, even cocky” that they would have won the vote. But surprise, surprise!

    UWP, bring the motion to the house and let’s see!

  2. 01/02/2019

    The father says: I will return to you what you give out in my name. Do, because you desire to be a blessing for my glory. Let me take the reigns and you sit back in my glory. Ask boldly, stretch your faith and believe that it is done. I am in the present, the now and the future. Get ready for the explosion ahead, I have spared you from the things that would bring harm. Mighty rushing winds surround you, what you went through is going to allow you to go through the next with ease. Come up higher, mourning is only for a time. What I call you to I will carry you through.
    Many will love you today and hate you tomorrow, be mindful and keep watch. I will not leave you alone to fight for yourself. You are the change the world is in-need of; the enemy desires you to crawl. You, just be about your father’s business, you are my beloved, what excites you brings joy to my heart. You are my carrier of glory, tune out the noise that creates fear in your life.
    You are the days of Elijah and have been for a long time. My kingdom has one voice and one king. Your cure is as simple as spending your time in prayer and my word. My people must come out of complacent slumber, the enemy wants to scare you with their smoke screens. I am removing condemnation from you. You will see just how precious you are; your pride is your weakness not your strength. Your prayers are always in my ears, now I will change how you live. I am the God of abundance, in every part of your life you will receive abundance.
    Through revelation, I will blow through the churches to bring man’s heart back to me. My children, you must be aware that a new world is being designed but not by me, I have a new world for my children. A new leader appears very soon, he has been sent by the evil one. I will keep some of my people alive in the world to bring many souls to me. My Angels will be with them to protect them. The enemy plans have been released but remember, I am with you always even to the end of the world.
    Plagues are coming into this world, one of those plagues has a cure but the cure will not be revealed. Many lives will be lost and what is coming is very severe. Some of my people who have labored long and hard, I am bringing home now. A fiery war is coming and many shall perish.

    Speak now “Son of Man”, Stay strong “Daniel”, step forward now, “Son of Man”, for this is my glory.

    * Repent; be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, those of you who have not done so.

  3. Power is intoxicating, especially political power. The constitution must at all times be obeyed otherwise this will be a recipe for turmoil and anarchy. From when 33 is not a majority over 32. Then again, politics is synonymous with confusion. According to the bible the beginning of confusion started in Heaven by the political action of Lucifer challenging God’s authority.
    I have come to the realization that politicians are the most dishonest, lying, hypocritical, selfish, egotistical, greedy and heartless people. Look carefully, no matter which political party assumes government, the majority of citizens remain desperately poor, their lot does not change. On the contrary, when politicians get into power, they go from rags to riches in lightning fast time. They look after themselves, their relatives and their most vociferous and fanatical supporters.
    I have no political affiliation. You do good to advance the country and create the enabling environment to help people to help themselves out of poverty, I vote for you. If you don’t perform satisfactorily, I vote to get you out of office. When politicians are given blind support, they become complacent, lazy and uncaring. Always let the politicians work hard for your vote, don’t cheapen your vote.

  4. Let the court decide. It is the duty of the court to settle matters beyond reasonable doubt. Respect that the government has a responsibility to the nation. If there is reasonable doubt backed by precedent then the opinion of the court must be sought. If the majority was miscalculated before, to persist in the error is irresponsible. To exert pressure on the government at this time is bullying. Respect the expertise of the court. Objections to going to court would be strange indeed.

    • I respect your point of view, however, this is the machinations of a government desirous of holding onto power! They were overconfident and lost. They should get a grip and call elections!

  5. Why it is that these low life dumbass illiterate jackass cannot give in and accept that nobody respect and accept shameless can these people be to present themselves taking pictures and smiling knowing to their hearts that they are liars theives and most of all just plain jackass.when they look at the rest of the world they know exactly where to place themselves.the bottom of the list of third world Indians nagamatoo and the rest will all be put to a worse faith than granger.the cancer will be in your mouth your body will become sores that you will try to hide yourself but there will be no place to hide .karma is such a great thing that you will be kicked ten times harder and kicked the most where it hurts.

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