Guyana Police Urged To Stop Harassing, Bullying Citizens

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Guyana’s Acting Police Commissioner Clifton Hicken has called on officers to act professionally in an address to a gathering of police sergeants.

“We need to stop harassing and bullying members of the public,” Hicken said, according to a release on the Guyana Police Force Facebook page.

He spoke of the need to desist from what he described as random and unnecessary traffic stops and searches.

“We must regain the public’s trust and confidence and we must do everything in our power to rebuild and improve the image of the Force and regain the trust of the people,” the senior police officer stated.

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And he made it clear that there will be absolutely “no compromise” when it comes to the professionalism and integrity of not just the Sergeants but all members of the Guyana Police Force.

In addition, Hicken issued a stern warning that non-compliance or non-adherence to any of the issues he touched on would result in ranks facing disciplinary measures.

“Discipline is paramount in this organisation” he declared.

Headline photo: Clifton Hicken (Image courtesy Guyana Police Force Facebook page)

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  2. in the light of this i call on the bicycle unit to stop harassing drivers as well, these officers most times dont see nothing better to do than to harass drivers when there is a busy flow of traffic thus adding more congestion to the traffic, i see these officers on bridge street where there is a two lane (when the police station take up an entire left lane) stop people and pull them on one lane and you can only pass through the other lane and traffic is at a stand still and also to the port police at the airports when people come to pick up guests to stop harassing and bullying people, there is a female one with short hair in the south who can be very aggressive and inhumane in her approach, you can talk to humans a bit more professional and note i said HUMANS as well.

    • lol, the bastards riding their bikes in all pedestrian paths and believe that you have to move when they’re passing. as for the short haired one… A feminist !!

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