Guyana: Son Allegedly Beats Mother To Death

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A WEST Berbice man has been detained by the police after he allegedly bludgeoned his mother to death on Wednesday evening.

The woman has been identified as 64-year-old Teshwattie Jaglall, called “Auntie Babo”, of Number 3 Village, WCB.

Her lifeless body was found lying on the ground with multiple injuries, including to the wrist, right shoulder, fingers, elbow, eyes and head. She was clad in a long, black nightwear.

It is alleged that the suspect’s son, Deonarine Dukhoo, called “Dinesh”, would frequently physically and verbally abuse her for money. And on Wednesday, before leaving for work, he was seen beating the woman with a cutlass.

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The woman allegedly died during the course of the night while her two grandchildren, aged six and three, were asleep.

The Guyana Chronicle understands that the six-year-old granddaughter witnessed the brutal attack. On the night in question, the woman was reportedly beaten until she became unconscious.

It is also alleged that after committing the act, the suspect put his three-year-old son to sleep, and subsequently left for work.

When she was sure that he’d left, the six-year-old reportedly used the opportunity to try to revive her grandmother, who was lying on the ground. But after several attempts, the child eventually fell asleep.
Early Thursday morning, the police were summoned to the house, where they discovered the woman lying motionless on the ground.

It is unclear who contacted the police, but the Guyana Chronicle understands that Jaglall shares the house with the suspect and his two children.

Jaglall’s neighbours told the Guyana Chronicle that they were informed by the suspect that he’d found his mother in an unconscious state after returning from work on Thursday morning.

Dukhoo purportedly told neighbours that three persons had broken into the house and killed his mother; however, police said that there were no signs of forced entry into the house.
Speaking with the Guyana Chronicle, a neighbour, Tarmattie Sukhraj, recalled hearing the suspect cussing and abusing his mother, but said she was too scared to call the police, since Dukhoo would accuse her of being an informant.

“He does always be beating her; since yesterday afternoon (Wednesday), he was beating her, but I don’t want to be involved, since he does curse that I would carry news on he,” Sukhraj said, adding: “It look like since last night this happen, because he is a security at a school, and like he beat her last night, and he left her to die. And when he come this morning, he say three persons went in and do that. I ask he wha happen, and he say, somebody go in de house and kill she, if I see anything. I say no, ‘cause I went out since 10. Then he say he left to go work around 10pm, and when he come, how he find she like that.”

The neighbour alleged that she also heard screams, followed by loud cursing on Tuesday evening.
“She would have black-and-blue marks all over her body sometimes… One time he hit her with a bat, and it split in two. She proper suffer with him,” Sukhraj said.

Despite the abuse meted out to her by her son, the woman purportedly never ceased to care for him or her grandchildren. She was described as a kind individual.

A cutlass, suspected to be the murder weapon, was found at the back of the house. Investigations into this matter are ongoing.

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