Guyana To Teach English To Venezuelan Migrant Children

Stabroek News:– Nineteen teachers are to commence training this week in order to teach English as a second language to children of Venezuelan migrants in Region One.

The Ministry of the Presidency yesterday announced that government, through the Ministry of Education, has been working with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to develop educational interventions, which will improve the learning and communication skills of these children, and eight communities in the region are expected to benefit from the initiative.

According to a ministry statement, the initiative was announced yesterday by Cecilie Guerrero, UNHCR representative on the Multi-Stakeholder Committee that is monitoring the arrival of Venezuelan migrants into Guyana.

She made the announcement at a meeting of the committee that was held yesterday at the Department of Citizenship.

“Ms. Guerrero informed the Committee that 17 teachers from Region One and two from Georgetown will gather in Mabaruma later this week for the training, which will last until the end of the month. The two Georgetown-based teachers, she said, will be trained to be trainers. These teachers will be tasked with training their colleagues when and wherever the need arises,” the statement explained.


  1. Thank you Guyana. We could have done the same here having the competence in the international language; English. Our teachers are great at teaching bilingual kids due to our patios. But no, we rather treat our neighbours that need us as criminals. And by the way, schools in some districts have had to close down due to lack of primary aged school children. We could have uplifted our neighbours such as Venezuela with the little that we have, by putting some restrictions in place for refugees, but still welcoming some families. And Venezuelans would not have forgotten our generosity in their time of need.

  2. This is great for Guyana,I aplaude the action.We should be paying more attention to South America,doing more bussines,and buying our food there.Lets start braking with all these barriers established by the Trump world,and the crap we see in our supermarkets

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