Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Guyana To Test Wheat Production

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Guyana will begin the first trial of 20 wheat varieties before the end of May in a new effort at food diversification.

The announcement came recently from Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha.

According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), cultivation for the initial trial phase is expected to begin at the Burma Rice Research Station, Region Five.

The Guyana Agriculture Minister explained that the rice research station has adequate land space.

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“We are in contact with our counterpart in especially Mexico. We are looking at a different variety of wheat. I am hoping by the end of this month or by next month latest, we can have the first trial with about 15 to 20 varieties to see the best one that can be grown in Guyana,” the minister told journalists.

Guyana is also examining the possibility of establishing nurseries at strategic locations to test for better growing results.

According to the DPI, the plan is to have the technical officers assess which varieties are better.

The Guyana Agriculture Minister declared that his country could not depend too much on imports.

“As a country, we have to ensure we produce our food and be self-sufficient,” Mustapha asserted.

His comments came against the backdrop of a surge in global commodity prices exacerbated by the war in Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 came when global food and energy prices were already high.

Over the last 18 months, wheat prices have risen nearly 110 percent, corn and vegetable oil prices are up 140 percent, and soybean prices are up 90 percent.



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  1. Wasted Lands, neglected sciences, the greed to profit from mans mistakes, the creation of wars to steal, to kill and to destroy; whereas the foods of this earth are left to the mercy of bombs, the poisons of ground, the air and every thing around us. Was that ever to plan of the Creator? Today I pulled out the old ‘Atlas of the World’ and I looked up the Lands of Mexico with the Geography of Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua – that is very small compared to the vast open and to a great extent uncultivated lands(frozen Hillsides) of the Andes, Argentina and Brazil. In my humble opinion I believe:-
    If the peoples of the world would come to their senses, begin to grow some Wheat, in these parts then one or more industries could sprout up, creating jobs in central and south America(not destabilizing the Weed products) then the wild uncontrolled food prices would in time stabilize – unfortunately there is always a devil to destroy the plans of God.

  2. Economist: this is why your professional fail us so many times. Now wheat can grow anywhere but if our people read the history and translate it to the modernization platform you will understand to a degree why RUSSIA id effing Ukraine up because when was the USSR the US won’t allow the Soviets to install anti missile protection. We are paying beyond premium price for rip green fig and you have the audacity to label a product from another country .. you need to eat copra

  3. Is it a conspiracy or are we just stupid and allow people to take us for a ride? man can fly to the Moon, fly up and keep going round and round, send back pictures of God’s creation, it cost a whole lot of $billions – then one little war, the world go crazy – Gas shortage, prices jump up food shortage, land go waste because man prefer to use its resources, man power, neglect health while the air you breathe is unhealthy – all due to greed, selfishnessand stupidity.

  4. Good move Guyana if you can produce significant amount of wheat to feed just region you would do well. A lot of countries in Africa are feeling the blunt because of the Russian war Russia produce a lot of wheat. A lot of people undermine Guyana Agriculture Sector , but Guyana can feed itself their food import bill is ten times less than St Lucia.

  5. That is the best News I’ve read for a long long time. With all that land in Central and South America, there must be more than enough available land, with the Science, to begin to produce Wheat, and other sustainable products, to offset that which we pay too high a price to import. Today is indeed a very good day to receive such good News, thank God.

    • And you think the Guyanese will sell to us at 10 EC a bushel when they can get 10 US a bushel selling elsewhere? If you believe that then take a look at the gas prices we pay while we have a major oil producer in Caricom. And then if you continue to believe that then I own the Sans Souci bridge. I’m putting it up for sale and all vehicles going over it will pay you a toll.

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