Guyana TV Journalist Shoots Alleged Attacker

Guyana police are investigating a case in which TV journalist Travis Chase, early Sunday morning shot and injured a man during a confrontation in Kitty, local news reports have said.

The Guyana Chronicle identified the victim as 28 year old Jimmy Ramgobin.

According to the Chronicle, police investigations revealed that around 04:30hrs on Sunday, Chase arrived with his girlfriend in front of her Newtown, Kitty home, in his vehicle, and observed Ramgobin in front of the yard.

It was reported that the TV Journalist came out of his vehicle and approached Ramgobin.

Ramgobin is alleged to have hurled bottles at Chase and  was shot.

The victim was later taken to hospital.

Chase is said to be a licensed firearm holder.

However, the Chronicle said that  according to reports from neighbours nearby, the shooting victim is mentally unstable and would often sleep on the roadways.



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