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Guyana: Wanted Man Planned To Flee Country After Killing Fiancée

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INVESTIGATORS have intercepted several voice recordings between wanted man, Shaquawn Alleyne, and an overseas-based friend, which revealed his plan to flee the jurisdiction even before the discovery of the partially decomposed body of his 20-year-old fiancée, Shonnette Dover, police confirmed.

When contacted, Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum confirmed that detectives are following several leads, including the voice recordings.

Dover, who was missing since April, 3, 2021, was found on Friday morning in a shallow grave in Alleyne’s backyard at Canvas City, Wismar, Linden.

Dead: Shonnette Odessa Dover

Based on the recordings obtained by the Sunday Chronicle, Alleyne had reached out to a friend in French Guiana days after Dover went missing, seeking assistance to leave Guyana and somewhere to stay.

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According to the recording, Alleyne’s friend in French Guiana consistently questioned his motives for wanting to leave Guyana, while underscoring that it will appear as if he is responsible for Dover’s disappearance.

“You put this thing into full consideration before you just up and run just like duh? Because it won’t look nice if you just up and run like duh yuh know. First of all, when you up yourself and run like duh, and you run ya done know you gon go on the wanted bulletin list and they will make you the main suspect because they will want to know what is the main reason you disappear for and you know the girl is missing. Think about it,” the friend told Alleyne in the voice note.

Alleyne then explained he was frustrated with inquiries from the police and having to visit the police station every Wednesday and Friday.

“Me ain’t care [how] it look, the police and all of them trying to f@#$ around me right now, I does got to deh at the Station every Wednesday and ever Friday and it looking bad buddy, me ain’t able deal with that, I just gon left every f#$%ing thing behind and just roll out,” Alleyne said.

His friend replied: “This will send a bad signal for you, when you end up on the wanted bulletin, you will end up on Interpol and from you go on the wanted bulletin, you know you can’t go back to Guyana, you can’t even go back to see your family if somebody dead because anytime the police see you anywhere, they would arrest you, so you better think straight what you really doing.”

Suspecting there was more to the story that Alleyne was relating to him, the friend questioned the rush of skipping the jurisdiction when there was nothing to fear since Dover was only missing and might return when she cools off.

“You want to throw away everything to just come and deh with me and go into a relationship with a man, I understand, but when you throw away all of that, friend, what will you do?

“Is like you would be a ghost, you would be a foreigner living in a country with no identity, I don’t really know what you want do friend,” the friend from French Guiana noted.

Alleyne then explained that he had thought of all the scenarios and made up his mind to leave Guyana behind.

“I just want to go along my way, and just start life brand new, so that is why I pushing so bad to roll out and leave everything. Between me and you, the only person that know I beating out is you.”

In further trying to persuade his friend to help him escape, Alleyne said: “I done think it over buddy, I don’t want no girl, no more, me ain’t want to be in a relationship no more and thing. I feel I want to go more into dealing with guys and them thing, me ain’t want got no relationship with no girl, I want to try something new.”

He continued: “I can’t try something new in Guyana buddy, because you know I can’t be with no man in Guyana around me family, around certain people, my friend dem and dem sort of thing, so that is why I just want to roll and start new.”

In trying to offer guidance and perspective, his friend related the consequences of his decisions, and repeatedly advised him against it.

But Alleyne elaborated to his friend that he needed his support in making this decision and expressed his strong desire in making it a reality by starting over in French Guiana.

“Me plan is that I gon just roll out, come away and do what I got to do. I got trade, I know to do things in life that can pay me and give me money and them sort of thing, so me ain’t got to study if I gon mek it or if I ain’t gon mek it.

“I is not no dunce, I could learn the language, I just want to come and ease meh head, get some time for myself, choose the life I want to choose, and then after that then I will decide if I want to make contact with my family,” Alleyne said.

In offering the friend more reasons why he wanted to leave Guyana, Alleyne said Dover’s family and cousins were out to harm him since it appears as if his every move was being trailed and he was fearful of ending up in the hospital or dead.

“These men done see me and stalking me and thing, the police don’t planning to f@#$ around me. You know what the people saying, the people saying how I is a drugs dealer, I selling drugs since 2016, I does deh in all kind of bad business with people, and I does get a set of enemies because I always in some fight,” the suspect reportedly noted.

He even threatened to do harm to himself if he did not get to leave the country.

“Yo want deh over there and hear somebody do me something and I deh in the hospital and yo got to come and visit meh, or the police hold on pun meh. God forbid, somebody do that girl something, and you will got to send some money for bail, then is jail and how much years and all kind of sk@#$ buddy…when all of that could be avoided buddy, I done mek up meh mind,” Alleyne professed.

The friend then advised Alleyne that if he did not commit a wrong act, he should not be fearful and should instead follow the required protocols by going to the police station as required.

On Friday, a wanted bulletin was issued for Alleyne, called “Iswe”.

Police said Alleyne’s last known address is Lot 555, One Mile, Wismar, Linden; he is a barber.

Police have since taken Alleyne’s father and Dover’s 15-year-old sister into police custody.

Dover’s sister told police that she saw when Alleyne shot and killed her sister on the night of April 3 and then later buried her in the backyard of his house, after visiting his father’s house in the neighbourhood and explaining what had occurred.

His father then advised him to pick up a spade and bury her in the yard where she was shot.

Reports indicate that investigators contacted Dover’s sister on Thursday night at about 23:35 hrs and about 01:00hrs Friday.

Detectives, in the presence of a Child Care and Probation Officer, at the Wismar Police Station Criminal Investigation Department, interviewed her on video.

She told police that on the night the victim went ‘missing’, Alleyne was oiling ‘his brownish gun in their living room’; he then pointed the gun at Dover, who told him: “He like play and he should put away that thing.”

The sister reportedly told police that she then heard a sound like a squib and Alleyne said, “oh shoots, I shoot that girl.”

She then saw Dover’s mouth open and blood on her face and she said to Alleyne, “Let’s take her hospital” and he said, “No, she dead already.”

Alleyne and the sister were also part of the numerous search parties for Dover, along with family and friends.

After April, 3, when Dover was declared missing, Alleyne proceeded to share news articles and various posts about persons who went missing.

Headline photo caption: Shaquawn Alleyne

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