Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Guyanese woman charged with husband’s murder

A 21 year old woman has been charged in Guyana with the manslaughter of her husband after reportedly suffering from years of domestic abuse.

Lisa Hayley appeared before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court Thursday where she was released on $250,000 bail.

The alleged incident apparently occurred on July 29, 2017 resulting in the death of Dailson Hayley.

According to the Guyana Chronicle, the couple were having an argument when the husband armed himself with a knife and threatened to kill Hayley.

Hayley managed to disarm her husband and used the knife to stab him in the chest. The injured man was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he later died.

Police reports say the couple been together for the past three years and have two children together.

During that time, the wife had been abused frequently and was forced into prostitution by her husband. The man would usually take away whatever cash she made, the Guyana Chronicle reports.

The accused woman’s lawyer, Stanley Moore said his client was suffering from years of abuse from her husband and her action were in self-defense.

“It was a case of domestic violence, an abuse suffering in silence,” Moore said.


  1. Now this is what i dont understand when it comes to the law.if She has been suffering abuse from her husband for years..what are you all saying she should just keep on taking the abuse for the rest of her life..does that make sence..this is sickning to the Core.well that’s crazy.if you all knew she was suffering abuse for years.why didn’t you’ll. Stepped in and help her…don’t you’ll see that she snapped. Couldn’t take any more..boy only jesus will put an end to all of this when he lady all i can tell you is pray God knows best.when we least expect jesus will come and deliever us..i will remember you in my prayers

  2. Wow! At 21 tears and you have to go through all that.LADIES CHOOSE WISELY.From all indications they should never be together or married. Sad ending but at least you are free. Make better choices next time,

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