Guy:Kenny is follower, Allen is leader!

Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph, has declared that Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony now realizes that he is no longer a leader, but a follower in many respects.

“Now we have seen the real leader in the form of Allen Chastanet,” Joseph asserted at a news conference today.

He recalled that the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) went to Babonneau for a public meeting, while Anthony responded by calling an emergency meeting of the ruling party on the Castries Market steps.

“There were no plans previously,” Joseph declared, adding that the ruling party meeting was in reaction to what the UWP had done in Babonneau.

The Castries South East MP said the UWP decided that it would respond to the government’s budget at a political meeting on the William Peter Bouleverd on Thursday night.

He told the news conference that the Prime Minister did not present a budget, thinking that he would have silenced an opposition response.

According to Joseph, there were two reactions from the ruling party to the opposition event on the Boulevard.

“Immediately we heard of a meeting for Choiseul that same Thursday night that we had not heard about prior to us announcing a meeting in the Boulevard,” he asserted.

Joseph added that the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party has now announced a fifteen point plan in response to the opposition’s “Five to Stay Alive” initiative.






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