Thursday, September 29, 2022

Haillie Has Been Found! ‘She’s Okay”

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Desruisseaux teenager Haillie Davy, reported missing by her family, has been found, a family member has confirmed.

According to reports, she was located about 2:30 pm Sunday.

“She’s okay,” a family member told St Lucia Times regarding the 16-year old.

Individuals said they last saw Haillie on March 13 in Desruisseaux and the family made a missing person report the following day.

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The teenager’s disappearance prompted a search by police and relatives who followed several leads, eventually locating the youngster.

A relative told St Lucia Times that the family is expected to issue a statement in due course.

More details later.

The sixteen-year-old student of the Micoud Secondary was one of two students from the school who had been reported missing.

The other, Darlene Daniel Piltie,15, was located last week.

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  1. “There is great joy in heaven when
    a sinner repent”.
    A shepherd has a hundred sheeps,one is missing ! He lives the ninety nine and go in search of the one missing !
    When found the one that was missing
    would’nt he rejoice over the one that was lost ?

  2. Unfortunate that we blame the younger female person. Men are socialised to be the aggressor, to approach and “woo” women. Many take it to the extent of preying on especially young women, who either due to hormones, low self-esteem, poor parental supervision, their youth and inexperience etc, are easier to pull. Even if she “chose” to go with the person, he is STILL to blame. How can we blame young women for supposedly not controlling themselves and excise men with years more experience in self control and supposedly blessed by God to be leaders, when they REFUSE to control themselves and actively make all kinda plays to get women, especially young women, to have sex with them? With this mentality there will always be teen pregnancies (often not for teen boys btw. Hmm) and men refusing to feed their children and leaving women to raise them in single-parent homes.

  3. Yes allow your daughter’s to flaunt them selves on social media then play as if you dunno why all of this is happening. Choops

    • Yet women who are forced to cover from head-to-toe still get raped and sexually harassed. Nuns get raped. Old women get raped. Babies get raped. Make it make sense.

  4. You’ll saying the man should be beaten lifelessly. It’s clear that she was there on her choice. Stop trying and blame ONLY the man. At 16 you should be blamed as well and also the parents. That’s why Lucia go always be backwards in you’ll moda cont. The children want to take wood they take it and come back and is one person you’ll want to blame. Chups I hate this country so much

    • ONLY the man. He can say no. He’s old enough to know better. He could remove himself. Talk to her parents and teachers. Encourage her to a better way. He can be a “real” man.

  5. Such positive outcome to hear she has been found alive. One can only hope that she has not been through a traumatic ordeal. I can’t imagine the amount of grief her family has been through awaiting her return from the time of her disappearance. The disappearance of these 2 teenagers have been very disturbing. Children usually ran away from home for a reason. I sincerely hope she gets the help she requires to be “on the mend”.

  6. @FACTS; why are you judging so hastily, so far no one knows the circumstances in this case. I don’t think anyone is enjoying this, why are two girls in one district go missing for a week in St. Lucia, to me is a puzzle, but this is 2022 not 1952, back then in St. Lucia no drugs no weed, just Rum. I am disappointed with the Christian Churches in St. Lucia, too laid back; time to come down from the Pulpit, start meeting people on the Streets, Street Vibes fashion, pick on some Street Corners and Preach Jesus with an open Bible. Get the young interested in Sports, the School is a great starting place – is there a Government interested? – only God knows.

  7. The comments before mine apparently didn’t hear that she was being held and someone was arrested stop taking missing girls or persons as a joke or they on their business anyway you people never take shit serious until it hits your doorstep

  8. I agree with what you said mostly everybody was thinkng of the worst case scenario happening to the girls without reading between the lines. I know there are bad people looking to do mischievous stuff especially to a teenage girl but it seems she didn’t want her family to know where she went, having them worried and making a missing person annountment while she on her own fun vibes. Next time she should just tell her parents or family member before she go on her lime cause it could be a different scenario next time she go liming.

  9. I think it’s time them young girls stop that. Ya’ll taking a lime to Feel Hood at least let a member of the family know it’s a nice time ya’ll going on and not to be worried. Instead of going off and telling no one in the family so and then everyone is worried raising all types of alarms and having all kinds of scary thoughts while ya’ll are busy PARTYING. That’s just EFFED UP in my books because one day it will be the real deal and everyone might not want to put in the same effort saying it’s another LIMER just give her a week she’ll come back home. Put you’ll selves in you parent”s shoes and ask you’ll selves how it would feel?

    • Only an idiot would say something like that. A missing child is a missing child and we the people will always make an effort to find them, get your head out your ass.

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