Haitian Wanted In President’s Killing Extradited To US

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MIAMI, United States (AFP)— A Haitian wanted in the assassination of the country’s president was arrested in Miami on Wednesday after being extradited from the Dominican Republic, a US Justice Department official said.

Rodolphe Jaar will be the second person to stand trial in the United States over the killing of Jovenel Moise in July last year, after a retired Colombian soldier was charged on January 4 for his alleged role in the murder.

Jaar fled from Haiti after the attack at the presidential palace and was arrested in the neighbouring Dominican Republic on January 7, exactly six months after the assassination.

Jaar was to make an initial court appearance on Thursday to hear the charges against him, the Justice Department official said.

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The department has not explained why Jaar or Palacios is being charged in the United States rather than in Haiti.

The Miami Herald said Jaar is a businessman who served jail time in the United States for cocaine trafficking a decade ago.

Last Friday, police in Jamaica arrested a former Haitian senator, Jean Joel Joseph, also wanted in his country in connection to Moise’s killing.

More than 40 people have been arrested over the attack, but much remains unknown, especially who ordered it.

The assassination deepened an already dramatic crisis in Haiti, which is suffering from a lack of security, soaring gang violence and a spate of kidnappings.

Headline photo: Jovenel Moise 

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  1. STOL:- I wrote a good historical bit re: Papa Doc and Baby Doc, its been 2 days – nothing; can you please print it? thanx.

  2. Obviusly Haiti is not equipped to handle the issue. You see to all those who believe in Voodoo – GOD is GREATER they are being caught one by one.

  3. The US has to remind everybody who the top country is. If you do research you will find alot people that do high profile crimes in their country get extradited to the US example the former Taliban leader, a former Al Queda, the ISIS beheaders the ones that killed the American hostages, and in India a man that bombed a city there. Especially as the US collects resources from these countries for stuff like oil, gold, steel etc

  4. There’s one of your own in St. Lucia who the U.S. sent back. He dare not set foot there again. He is your boss and you depend on him for favors. His day and yours will come. Your mess with the devil and vodoo, he wants ‘pay back’. (Father God keep St. Lucia safe from the snare of the evil one) Amen.

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