Happy Teacher’s Week to All Teachers

PRESS RELEASE:-So teachers’ week is here.

At a time when democratization of education is a widespread discussion topic, the theme “Teaching in Freedom: Empowering Teachers” seems rather timely.

Empowering the single most important contributor to education “the teacher” cannot be overemphasized. The custodians of our future generational leaders need to operate in an environment where they are free to develop creativity and critical thinking among learners without fear of restriction or discrimination. Provision of necessary opportunities and resources to facilitate growth and upward mobility has to be paramount in this context. If we are to adequately develop our human resource, empowering teachers must be top priority.

As we celebrate teacher’s week, let each teacher at every level experience a sense of hope; that free thought, growth and empowerment, are priorities for this noble profession they belong to.

Happy Teacher’s week.


  1. Teachers are underappreciated and underpaid. Many teachers live in subtle poverty. We should give this noblest profession the respect and importance it deserves.
    Teachers who educate children deserve more honor than parents who merely have them birth (Aristotle)
    A teacher affects eternity. ( Henry Adams)
    Happy Teacher’s Week!


    • Teachers live in poverty you say. Granted some aren’t paid enough but before we make such bold statements. 13 weeks paid vacation. Private sector 2-3 weeks. Work hours 8 – 3. Private Sector 8-4:30. 360 hours difference. Absenteeism. Always out of class. Teaching stops 2 weeks prior to the end of term. Nothing taught in class with students encouraged to take outside lessons, given by the same teachers. $100 a month x 20 students a class = $2,000. That income is tax free. Yup! They sure a suffering in that profession.

      • Lol…is not so it is uh…after a level two thousand dollars after teachers college 3 thousand something and with a degree n4 thousand something….so for poverty….hmmmm…..I can only say happy teachers week only to the hard working teachers who go the extra mile….trust me for others it ain’t worth my words nor the kids precious time…

  2. in my day’s those teachers did not deserve a dime they were evil teachers.that was a long time ago up to this day i h….e them Theresa from morne Sion.this so call principal Mora.God i h….e one name kelly…oh they were evil..Theresa was the witch

  3. I would say teachers are underpaid but so is mostly everyone else. Most teachers have a better salary than say a hotel worker so saying they are in poverty is a bit misleading

  4. I stated that many teachers live in SUBTLE poverty. Why are you omitting the word ‘subtle’. Consult hour dictionary for the meaning. Neither did I mention all teachers. I clearly used the words ‘many teachers’. If the government is unable to pay teachers for just one month, many teachers would be in dire financial straits. Don’t deliberately distort my comments.

    • Hey Vibz: I do not think they are deliberately distorting. It is the same problem they had in school – not paying attention. Now they blame the teachers and dislike them.

  5. Well shut the hell up…weather they were paying attention or not…shut the hell up they hat no right to lay they hand on student’s they are out of order to do sooooo..so you shut the hell up.you dam pig.just because you’ll got a litte teaching job.you’ll think that you’ll were in it.and you’ll were no brains like the student’s. it was only because of preference you where teachers. .so again shut the hell up

  6. You see their you go again you idiot i never said i dont like.that is too much of a good word.i said hate with a capital H.there was one name Aldrick from morne sion.God any time i see him i will. Confront him.i f i see him walking with a cane i will kick the cane and let him fall.Wicked Wicked low lif man that ugly pig he is.

  7. Who give teachers rights to lay their hands on students..did they have permission to do so.now i wonder if they have kids.and a stranger hold them and bit the crap out fo them..how would they like it.ehhh.whats good for the goose i think it’s good for the ganda as well..you’ll piece of Crap

  8. A teacher needs all the glory for educating a child…mothers only give birth. Be grateful.
    Great job for the government reaching out to the Dominicans in dire need of help. No need for jealousy of the destitute.

  9. Well that makes three destitue people you…your mother…and myself all three of us in one bracket..hahaha.you have short memory

  10. Thank God i dont have too sell my soul to no ? devil in no lodged. .the Bible say when you pray.pray our Father who art inheaven hollow be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.give us this day our daily bread..you heard give us this day our daily bread.so what i get for the day is enough for me..no devil i dont mingle

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