Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Hayden Forde, St. Lucian Playwright, At Carifesta XIV, Trinidad

By John Robert Lee

His play Silent Scars was performed at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, on Saturday, 24th. Very poor audience, unfortunately. Forde’s plays capture a social realism that is honest, no-holds-barred, a Caribbean August Wilson – portrayal that searches the nitty – gritty lives of urban characters in our island nations.

Directed by Forde, the 3 character parts were played very sensitively and strongly by Kazia James ( Abby), Miranda Austin (her prostitute mother Linda) and Marinus Martin (Thomas, who loves Abby.)

A musical thematic bridge was provided by solo cellist Pearl Tench, between scenes, and this added to the dramatic and emotional intensity of the play. Ms. Tench leads a youth orchestra in Saint Lucia.

Adeltrude JnCharles provides a stage management that includes set and lighting, for a relatively spare set design.

Forde’s long-lived company Gem Stones Theatre have achieved, over several productions, an admirable ensemble playing.

Austin, James and Martin are fine, maturing actors, in this sharp, pointed and recognizable drama of contemporary Caribbean life today.

Hayden Forde has published 3 of his plays in the collection, ” Silent Scars.”
He is doing good, serious and relevant play-writing and directing.

Keep track of this playwright who is the latest contributor to and inheritor of, a rich Saint Lucian play-writing tradition that includes Derek and Roderick Walcott, Stanley French, McDonald Dixon,Kendel Hippolyte and the late Gandolph St. Clair.


  1. Thank you Sir for your contribution to Saint Lucian Literature. How I long for the day our play-writes are performed at our long begged for, agonizingly pleaded for, to the point of turning blue holding our breath, the forever coming but never arriving National Theatre. Sir Derek Walcott fought tirelessly to see his vision brought to fruition. We need our leaders to be pro-active and right an unjustifiable wrong by giving Saint Lucia a venue that is becoming of it’s claim to having two Nobel Laureates. A Nation of Poets, Artists, Literary Writers, Painters and Slick tongued Calypsonians demands it.

  2. Why was his play poorly attended? Was an ELITIST APPROACH to the groups which represented Saint Lucia, adopted by the organizers?

    Was there an EQUAL and COHESIVE approach exercised by the ORGANIZERS?

    I don’t understand why the play was poorly attended if his group was part of the 81 Representatives of Saint Lucia.

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