Friday, September 30, 2022

“He Kept Saying He Would Change!”

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A relative of the Vieux Fort youth who succumbed to gunshot wounds Thursday afternoon has declared that the 22-year-old followed bad company, despite repeated warnings from his loved ones to desist but had promised to change.

Dawit Charles of West Hall Group, Vieux Fort, was among four people hit when shooters opened fire in the area of Clarke Street, Vieux Fort, while a funeral of a ‘known individual’ was taking place, reports say.

Medical personnel later pronounced Charles dead while the others were in stable condition when the hospital admitted them.

“He followed bad company. We had been speaking to that boy from a young age – about fourteen. To family members he was an okay boy – he was loving. But when he went out there he was a different type of person,” a relative of the deceased who spoke on the condition of anonymity told St Lucia Times.

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“He kept saying he would change, but when he got out there it was something different,” the relative disclosed.

The family member acknowledged hearing reports that Thursday’s shooting was gang-related but could not say for sure.

Regarding possible interventions to reduce gang violence, such as providing jobs for young people at risk, as some have suggested, the relative declared that many jobs are available. 

Still, some young people “just want to be bad”, the family member stated.

“They want to make a name out there. They are raised up together and that one says ‘I have a gun’ and the other one has one – this has been going on for a long time and it’s not getting any better,” the family member lamented.

Headline photo of deceased supplied by relative

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  1. There is no other name under heaven
    given to men by which we must be saved.
    Woe to those who do not look for the holy one of Israël,or seek help from the LORD.
    There will be a resurrection of both the the righteous and the wicked
    And rules forever by his power,
    his eyes watches the nation !
    For we all are sinners and fall short of the glory of God.
    The sun shines on both the good and the bad ;and the rain falls on just and the injuste.
    Therefore,let us not judge by letting the sins of others becomes our sins and the burdens of others becomes our burdens.
    Instead,let us weep with those weep and mourn with those mourns.

  2. Crime and Gang Violence, are a perfect tool of Slavers. Black on Black crime is the wet dream of the CIA and NRA sponsored Genocide of POC! Boycott ALL-Inclusives until thy are owned and operated BY ST.LUCIANS! 🙁

  3. There is no other name under heaven
    given to men by which we must be saved.
    Woe to those who do not look for the holy one of Israël,or seek help from the LORD.
    There will be a resurrection of both the the righteous and the wicked.
    And rules forever by his power,
    his eyes watches the nation !

  4. In the new’s article picture, he showing the length of his penis. That why he need the friendship of gang members. He want to feel like he a big bad man. When he really just a wee little boy. Gang life! it sucks!

  5. 2 sides to badness,The Popularity,people shouting you all over,Girls want to take pics with you so they can get their “likes” up,the hype surrounding the fact that people know you’re a violence producer…..Then there’s the other side,Fellars want to “take you out” whether it be your known enemies or just some others looking to get their name out too,Certain police want to X you out,some nights you can’t sleep properly,you’re worried if your family members can get caught “Lacking”,there’s also Jail & then there’s the funeral (Your funeral) where ppl rush to see you in your casket to say the final farewell.

  6. @Rico Pay chou! you should know! you must be another ape getting rid of each other cause you have no sense just like the SLP devil comrades you worship! just know that the fish starts rotting from the head. not the tail. monkey see. monkey do.. ect..ect.. shut up about intelligence cause you have none!

  7. There is too much hatred and too little forgiveness. We need to reverse the trend. We must forgive others in order to release the tension hatred creates. Learn to forgive. Gang membership is very easy, but terminating that membership is not so easy . One may loose his life for just wanting to get out of a gang, because you know too much of their secrets. Those who are not members don’t join. I personally could never join a gang, because I rather be free to do my own thing.

  8. Some families tolerate these bad boy/ghetto behaviour and when the inevitable happens they all singing the same tune. “We warned him” ” he was a good boy” ” just a little troublesome” ” bad company”. As for me the moment you decide is these routes you want to take, I disown you and no one come to me and ask about you because I will say I do not know or no comment. Some families too sootiwez. They allow the young men to come and go as they please to their homes and when terror strikes, they in agony in the media.

  9. The absence of a Spiritual background, no, not just going to Church often, but by recognizing that there is a loving God, if you place you life in His hands, just say a simple prayer on waking up, the Almighty Father will guide your every move & step, ask Him to send a guardian Angel to watch, not only you, but loved ones and friends. The ownership of a gun does not make you a Macho man, but maybe a ticket to the grave. I have never handled a gun nor ever kept a knife on me. Growing up in St. Lucia, did I fight? never run away from one, not proud of, still sorry for the pore suckers. I advise to the yiuth on the Rock, put the guns down, if you don’t die with one, you will be caught. May the dood Lord Bless you and keep you safe. Amen

    • Agreed! The Bible says if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. The word of God does not return to him void. We need to pray for the salvation of the youth from such violence! The ones involved in gun trafficking amd sales needs to be held accountable. Parents need to parent their children and keep them covered with prayer. So much is wrong on so many levels. It’s not a band aid can fix it problem! God help us!

    • You are a major idiot, you’re quite ignorant and seem unapologetic about being this way and I feel for you and the many others that are like you. This shooting like countless others have nothing to do with politics but yet y’all find a way to blame politicians like they can have the police read minds and see the future in order to stop crime. Stop being ridiculous man and be better. We as blacks are just stupid and savage and we dislike each other, especially the men. Whenever a crowd gathers or there are women around, the men go in ape mode and forget all decency.

  10. MESSAGE TO THE YOUNG: Badness Does Not Pay!!!! (Well, let me take that back. Badness pays with an early and colorful death certificate that’s figuratively signed, sealed and delivered by the hands of your fellow bad men!)

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