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Head, Body Of Man Found In Two Separate Saint Lucia Communities

Saint Lucia Police have confirmed that the head and body of a young deceased male were found in separate communities in the Southern town of Vieux Fort.

The disclosure came Thursday from police spokeswoman, Anne Joseph.

Joseph told reporters that on Wednesday, Vieux Fort police responded to a report of a body at a location in Canelles, Vieux Fort.

She said the body was without a head.

“The head was later recovered by officers in Morne Cayenne, Vieux Fort,” Joseph explained.

The police spokeswoman would however not be drawn on reports that the discovery came after a male individual told police that he had killed someone and led them to where the body parts were buried.

She said she would not comment on the reports in order not to compromise the ongoing investigation.

Reporters were informed that the body was in a state of decomposition and DNA testing would have to be done to determine the identity of the deceased.

“We have to get the facts, then we can make a pronouncement,” Joseph asserted.




  1. I cant understand why you cant tell us who helped you to find and dig up the body,and then take a trip to find the head that was in another location Boy your blood hound fantastic.This makes me laughf,sorry,I dont want to compromise the investigation But all the town talking another story

    • baby j- exactly he can give them full details. it completed just do what needs to be done with this heartless the family closure for you missing loved one is now going to rest in peace.

      • To answer this question specifically is difficult because we do not know the entire circumstances. We pretend to develop a complete picture of the scenario just from a few snippets of information. However investigation many times are more complex and our own judgements about information can be very misleading. For instance, how do we know that the same person who committed the act is the same person leading the police to the body? Little things like that can change the procedures employed in the investigation. The accused person also has a right not to incriminate himself (a standard principle under law) so why would he pretend to know his victim if he has for example pleaded not guilty to the crime or has said he is innocent of the crime? There are several other examples I could give but the important message is that we must remain with an open mind during the time when investigations are active as we are not armed with all the details and any conclusions we derive it from a position of ignorance.

      • There is no investigation going on into any crime in St. Lucia most crimes are solved by pure luck and chance basis .Most crimes here if the criminal is not caught in the act or within hours or days that case becomes a cold case .Can some one tell me how many cold case we have for last year and the last 41years of independence. Most crimes especially murder the killer leaves many clues behind to be figured out .Our so called investigators has failed us since 1979 and it gets worst year by year .

  2. Social media has made it a habit that information on investigations and procedures have to be released to the public in real time. However judging by the comments many people remain ignorant as to why details of investigations cannot be released. Information given during the investigation can give away tactics used by investigators. It can also affect the admissibility of evidence since everything the police say is out there or published and can be used by the accused lawyer. It can also alert other people who may be part of a crime as to evidence which may be proffered against them and may also prevent these same people from giving evidence or even prompting them to give false information to the police, hence hindering the investigation.. If you are investigating someone why should they have knowledge of all what you know; when In fact they will be given a chance to dispute all the evidence that is collected against them before their trial at a period called discovery.. Besides everyone is deemed innocent until they are convicted, a theory which is contrary to the procedures of an investigation, hence the police has to protect themselves and the processes of the investigation. The people being the subject of the investigation and others are also witnesses, therefore the police has also to protect them and the evidence that they give as they could always change their minds on proffering evidence. There are many other circumstances which I could add that would strengthen the reason why information about investigations should be kept secret. Therefore a public’s right to know cannot supersede the country’s obligation to protect national security.

    • If others who know the facts on law enforcement, our laws or any subject matter, would come forward and share their knowledge like you do, it would take a bunch of uninformed and ill-informed people who can read to understand, out of their ignorance. Job well done. Let the education begin.

  3. Perfect! I love how this person out it out there to let people know why it’s super impossible for the police to do their jobs well and professionally…. allow them to conduct a full investigation and then you can proceed with a million and one questions.

    To many people have become over night specialist or professional and come to conclusions without the facts it’s time to stop that St Lucians

  4. Just a quick example of how weak investigations and follow up into matter of crime is in St.Lucia my home was broken into for the third time , the criminals took all they could from food stuff to electronics , I did not block my stolen cell phone number .Therefore the thieves were bold and dumb enough to use my phone with my sim and create their own WhatsApp profile with their very own photo ,since I had not yet crated a WhatsApp profile on that number they also made dozen of local calls and calls to Martinique . The service provider provided me with that information .I was able to trace the person with my phone in Ciceron I even called and spoke to him pretending that I had called the wrong person he provided his name and location . I gave my so called investigating officer all the finding of my investigation to date that information is still on his desk written in some big old note book . I went to CID Twenty times even spoke to his supervisor who said that he will look into it because this is an open and shut matter, but nothing !nothing! nor from supervisor or officer .However I stopped going to CID after I became a nuisance to my investigating officer . In an effort to frustrate me ,which he did ! he would set appointment dates to follow up on the matter on days he knows that he will be off from work .I know there maybe hundreds of people like me with similar experience with CID .If I have such accurate information on a drug related matter I would not have to go at CID twice before it was solved.

    • Hunter, blame you government for the state of the police force. I empathize with you as you situation is too common. But flip the coin for a minute- what do you expect when one CID officer is expected to investigate at least ten reports per day. Total this for a month and you will realize that the officer is forced to prioritize a d do selective investigations . this is so because every unit or department in the force is understaffed. This situation would make the best investigator look incompetent. Rather than increase the numbers at the bottom of the organization, government is advised to create more management positions for the existing lazy arse, do nothing managers. The plan. Is to divide the island into quadrants with a assistant commissioner of police heading each. This, while the persons at the bottom work 12 and 24 hour shifts just to cope – to attempt to assist persons like you. Such a system is doomed to fail. The force does not need more managers at this time – it needs more officers at the bottom, at least 300 more. So Hunter while I understand your frustration, dont expect any change in your situation without a drastic change in the numbers at the bottom.- along with other changes.

  5. What happened Santa,you still waiting for news,Kevin dont get personal,be more educated,you still have your graduation certificate from the day care center hanging on the wall,good nigger.Puto

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