A 19 year old resident of Bexon was pronounced dead Sunday morning after the vehicle he was driving is reported to have run off the road and overturned.

Law enforcement officials have identified the deceased as Nick Elibox.

They said he was driving a a grey Suzuki Vitara when the accident occurred around 2.30 am at La Retraite, Gros Islet.

Elibox is said to have sustained massive head injuries.

Four passengers in the vehicle sustained minor injuries, according to reports.



  1. Sincerest condolences to the family of the fallen. In recent times, there have been too many accidents leading to the demise of too many young people. To mitigate the chances of vehicular accidents don’t drink and drive nor drive and drink, observe the speed limits at all times, service your vehicles every three or four months, ensure your tyres are not glass-like. Again, deepest sympathy to the relatives of the deceased.

  2. I still cannot believe it Nick, is it really a fact that you’re gone? Big head is it true. Small boy loool “no no even if im just 4 years older than you, yes youre a small boy” you: “i am a big man you can find out if you want” smh

    sigh Nick Sigh

  3. I don’t want to sound funny but vehicle don’t capsize without speed. No one els in that vehicle couldn’t say you driving too fast. All this did not call for ..sorry it had to end up this way.a life lost would another one take heed.

  4. So sad that another promising teenager has lost his life in a vehicle accident. Time to raise the permissible age for getting a driver’s licence to 21.

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