Press Release:-Early indicators are telling a story of a number of successes achieved from the staging of Assou Square 2018.

Among these are high attendance and participation, no incidents recorded, sales attracted by vendors, inclusion of the William Peter Boulevard as part of festivity and the infusion of cultural groups and budding artistes.

His Worship, Mayor Peterson D. Francis reports that ahead of the postmortem of the event which will give a more comprehensive assessment of the various operational facets,  a number of clear indicators have emerged which validate some of the selections and decisions made for the activity this year.

“We surpassed expectation by taking the responsibility to manage the traditional event,” Mayor Francis said.

“The numbers in attendance says a lot and for us it was all about taking the event to the people with a difference. This level of success is encouraging and highlights the effectiveness of the brand we have created at the Castries Constituency Council.”

In his analysis, Press and Communications Manager, Jason Hullingseed said the responsibility of the Castries Constituency Council to be the producers of Assou Square will certainly see a major improvement and added surprises in the coming years.

“We need to be able to demonstrate a new vision with innovative dimensions whilst maintaining every aspect of our tradition and culture,” explained Press and Communications Manager, Jason Hullingseed.

The three day event was solely produced by the Castries Constituency Council and supported by telecommunications giant FLOW and the Government of St. Lucia.


  1. Refrain from using postmortem when it comes to assessment of an event. Postmortem is performed on the deceased. If the intent is to appear educated a “retrospective analysis/assessment/evaluation” would suffice. I know the intent is sincere. Regards

    • Postmortem also means……. an analysis or discussion of an event held soon after it has occurred, especially in order to determine why it was a failure.

      Therefore, no need to refrain since the “word” was used in context. Am hoping your intent was not too appear educated.

  2. Education aside …simply put I agree that a better word selection would have been more appropriate….despite definition…

    For example: analysis, evaluation, assessment, appraisal, examination, review. Info I agree with your comment.

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