The attempted rape this morning of a mother, believed to be in her seventies, has resulted in the arrest of three individuals.

One of those currently in police custody is a man, estimated to be in his twenties.

He has been identified as the alleged perpetrator.

According to well informed Times sources, the victim was on an early morning fitness walk in Pierrot, Vieux Fort.

She was attacked by a young man at about 5:AM, according to reports.

The sources disclosed that the the assailant managed to drag the elderly woman into some bushes.

He is said to have delivered several blows to her face and body in the process.

The sources told the Times that the attacker managed to remove all the woman’s clothing.

But  the sources said that he abandoned his criminal mission when a passerby, on hearing the victim screaming, went to investigate.

The young man is reported to have run off.

It is reported that with the assistance of two other men in a vehicle,  he made his way to Desruisseaux, where he boarded a bus bound for Castries.

However, according to information obtained by the Times, the driver of the bus happened to be related to the victim and had been alerted earlier to the attempted rape.

The bus driver had also apparently been given a description of the attacker.

Two of the woman’s male relatives had earlier gone hunting for the assailant.

Sources told the Times that the bus driver, on board whose vehicle the alleged assailant had climbed, alerted the police.

The police subsequently made an arrest.

Lawmen later picked up the two other men who are reported to have assisted the alleged attacker in his escape bid.

The woman victim was not raped, the Times was informed.

However she suffered multiple injuries, including lacerations to the face and a suspected broken jaw.

It is also believed that she sustained a dislocated knee cap.