Barbara Panton, the aunt of Agard homicide victim, Barry Leonce, has described the deceased as a ‘very quiet, very nice guy’.

Panton recalled that Leonce visited her home on Saturday to put up some rods.

“He came.  I cooked – he ate and everything and said: ‘Auntie, I will come back on the weekend to finish putting up the rods for you,'” she recounted.

According to Panton, her nephew returned on Monday, telling her that he was merely passing to give her a look up.

(Barbara Panton)

She told St Lucia Times that some time after he left, her telephone rang and she was informed that Leonce and another one of her nephews had been shot.

“When Barry came and spoke to me at my home Barry told me “Auntie, I here quiet – I am not going anywhere. I am just trying to live a good life,” Panton said, in response to a question about a possible motive for the shooting.

She said she knew of no reason why anyone would have wanted to kill her nephew.

“He was a very quiet guy – no trouble, nothing. He never left his home and did anything.”

According to a police report, on Monday August 20, 2018 about 4:00pm, officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department responded to a report of a shooting incident.

The police said that as a consequence of the shooting, Barry Leonce, 31, of Morne du Don and  Miguel Charlery, a 25 year old resident of Balata succumbed to  their injuries.

Two other individuals sustained gunshot wounds and were hospitalised.




  1. Only could imagine the profound grief and emotional pain of the family. These gun tooting thugs should be hunted down and literally left to rot in a prison cell. The resignation of Mr. Hermangild Francis should take effect immediately. Under his inept leadership of law enforcement, the bodies have been piling up. Enough to fill a sizeable cemetery. The citizens deserve someone better than this clueless zombie.

  2. Why did he accepted the post of minister of justice, dose he want to become the prime minister too, for not doing nothing?

  3. Chastanet has promise the nation safety because kennK could not do it. Is this the kind of safety we deserve? By the way Micoud people according to chastanet 43% if you all dummies I hope you all are learning.

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