The Bahamas signed the CARICOM Arrest Warrant Treaty during the 29th Inter-Sessional Meeting of CARICOM Heads of Government, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tuesday, CARICOM Today has reported.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Darren Henfield signed on behalf of his country, it said.
The CARICOM Arrest Warrant Treaty, already signed by some other CARICOM Member Countries including Saint Lucia, simplifies the procedure of returning fugitives to the country where charges have been laid.
The objective of the treaty is to establish within the Caribbean Community a system of arrest and surrender of requested persons for the purposes of conducting a criminal prosecution for an applicable offence; or executing a custodial sentence where the requested persons have fled from justice after being sentenced for an applicable offence.

The measure  is one of the regional security instruments that was formulated to enhance cooperation between member states in the fight against crime and to reduce the complexity, cost and delays in the existing extradition arrangements  in the region.


  1. But the Bahamas is an Atlantic nation not a Caribbean how is this possible and we are leaders how we get following, how is this possible when there isn’t a caribbean Bahamas but I guess………

  2. Who knows it may benefit us one day but we are surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and not the Caribbean and shouldn’t be in caricom by should of come up with our own ideas cause we are like a bridge for nation’s big and small .we are a great people from many and from many we are great .

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