Bandits attacked a Babonneau couple at Paix Bouche, Babonneau, robbing them of a gold chain and mobile telephones.

According to information obtained by the Times, the man and his wife had driven to Plateau, Babonneau, to drop off a friend.

On their way back home,  at they realized that their vehicle had developed a brake problem.

The husband is reported to have checked and discovered that the brake fluid was very low.

The  Babonneau couple decided to park at the side of the road at Paix Bouche to  await the wife’s brother who had been called on for help.

While the man and his wife sat in the car waiting at about 2:am on Saturday morning, a young man is said to have approached and asked the couple if everything was okay.

The wife is reported to have become suspicious and proceeded to hide her mobile telephone under her husband’s driving seat.

After the couple assured the youngster, who was estimated to be in his twenties, that everything was fine and that they were waiting for someone to arrive, the young man  left.

It is estimated that about five minutes later, three men, two dressed in hoodies and one with a rag covering part of his face, approached from the back of the  parked vehicle.

One of the men opened the back door on the driver’s side and grabbed the husband’s gold chain, while another bandit held a gun to his head.

One of the men stationed himself near where the wife was seated opposite her husband.

The men, in addition to taking the husband’s gold chain, took his mobile telephone as well.

According to Times sources, one of the man demanded to know whether there were other mobile telephones in the vehicle, whereupon one of his accomplices whispered to him to shut up, since he could be identified through his voice.

The trio later made their escape.


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