Opposition candidate for Castries East, Fortuna Belrose, has asserted that hopelessness is the order of the day in Saint Lucia.

Belrose said at her official launch last night that she served for thirty-four years “in the passenger seat” as a public servant.

She recalled serving under nine administrations in the Ministries of Youth and Sport, Local Government, Education and National Security.

However she declared that things have never been so bad.

“Never before in the history of our country as Saint Lucians we are not comfortable with where we are,” Belrose declared.

She told supporters of the United Workers Party (UWP) that people are crying out for help.

The opposition candidate stated that people are frustrated, businesses are folding up, the elderly and children are being raped and more people are committing suicide.

Belrose declared that all Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony is concerned about is attacking and frustrating those who are keen to contribute and make a difference in restoring the country.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I need you to wake up and smell the coffee,” she said.

Belrose asserted that she was no longer in the passenger seat, but a driver.

She quoted the Prime Minister as saying that the opposition is irrelevant.

But she observed that Anthony is not a sportsman or a genuine champion.

“You and I know that you never underestimate the opposition and in this case, the power and will of the people of this country – the power and will of the people who have matured and who are intelligent,” the former Public Servant declared.

Presenting her party’s vision for the Castries East constituency, crafted with the help of the people, Belrose spoke of the need for every child to be raised in a household with access to their own toilet facilities.

She said the UWP wants to see every child raised in a community where there is a safe space to play and have fun, while the elderly have easy access to facilities.

“We want to see a community where residents are health conscious and realizing their full potential,” Belrose told UWP supporters, adding that community organization should be encouraged as the prime catalyst for community and people empowerment.

Among other things, she also spoke of the need to provide for those who are unable to have daily meals and  ensure model housing for citizens, especially those who live below the poverty line.