PRESS RELEASE: Castries, St. Lucia – In anticipation of World Diabetes awareness month (November) Bon Santé has partnered with Collins Barbados Limited to provide free Sky Era Glucometers to the general public. Interested persons are asked to come down to Bon Santé on 36 Chisel Street Castries, Wednesday August 29, 2018.

Diabetes is a chronic, non-communicable condition that generally presents with altered blood sugar levels and if uncontrolled would result in debilitating complications and death.

In a quote from Dr. Kedhma Dorh, Director of Bon Santé, he indicates that:

As a small family practice, we support quite a number of diabetic patients and it would not come as a surprise if everyone in St. Lucia know at least 1 person with Diabetes. We strongly believe that one of our major challenges locally is access to affordable test strips, to routinely monitor blood sugar levels. Bon Santé and Collins Barbados Limited are addressing this need by providing the public with Sky Era Glucometers; Sky Era has made their name as affordable and reliable brand. Bon Santé will ensure that the public continues to have affordable access to these essential tools for managing diabetes.”

The public is strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and to come pick up their free glucometers at Bon Santé Inc. starting from 10 am on Wednesday August 29, 2018 until stocks last. Bon Santé Inc. and Collins Barbados Limited will also donate a portion of the glucometers to the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association, Victoria Hospital Diabetic Clinic and St. Jude Hospital Diabetic clinic for distribution to their membership.

Please feel free to contact Bon Santé Inc. for further details or see our Facebook page Bon Santé – Healthy by choice!