The government of Saint Lucia has announced the revocation of a  controversial Cabinet Conclusion relating to the establishment of the proposed Border Management Authority.

A news release from the Office of the Prime Minister Thursday stated that “with immediate effect”, Cabinet Conclusion 247 of 16th April, 2018 which previously addressed the establishment of the border control agency has been revoked.

The release stated that the Cabinet of Ministers have reiterated the commitment of Government to ensure effective and responsive border management and has appointed a team to undertake extensive and in depth dialogue on the establishment a single Border Control Management entity.

“The team is to engage and discuss with all stakeholders on the appropriate structure for the proposed Border Control Management agency,” the release noted.

It observed that order for this to have “meaningful effect”, the decision was taken to revoke the cabinet conclusion.

According to the release,  the Government of Saint Lucia commits to taking into account all the concerns and recommendations of the stakeholders to ensure that Saint Lucia’s borders are secure.

The Cabinet-appointed team is expected to submit a detailed report to Cabinet by December 2018, it said.

Cabinet conclusion No 247 of 2018  on April 16, 2018, approved the  establishment of the Saint Lucia Border Management Authority as a Statutory Corporation, sparking widespread expressions of concern by Customs Officers who recently staged a sick-out in protest.

The officers have expressed fears for their job security, asserting that with the creation of a statutory body, they would be forced to resign their current employment and apply to the new entity with no guarantee of employment.

And although Prime Minister Allen Chastanet had given assurances that no jobs would be lost, the Customs Officers, through the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association which represents them, raised questions about his credibility.

The Saint Lucia government has said that the goal of the proposed new border control agency is to strengthen this country’s borders.

It was envisaged that the new entity will integrate immigration, customs, quarantine and the Marine Police.


  1. It’s good to have a government that can say they wrong and move on. At least they listening. Up to now y’all eh see the grynberg contract.

    • Poor James!!! You mean at least they listening to pressure. Why have they not change course on the health care matter? The Printery matter? And the list can go on.The answer is they have not been pressured.

  2. What pressure that has nothing to do with the march. As an officer that’s all we wanted the revocation. we lamented that with our union and that’s what it was.
    That march just happen to be at the same time we made a decision that we would go on sick out if that matter was not addressed.

  3. Don’t be so that’s leadership if it has to be revoked then you revoke it put pride aside. To make it look like a victory for one side is wrong it’s a victory for country when a government make a u turn on a decision.

    • Tariff Star and Jack, You all trying desperately to reduce the significance of the action. If it is not the pressure then why have they not change course on the health care matter? The Printery matter? And the list can go on.The answer is they have not been pressured. Jack, it might be leadership, but it is leadership on the part of the workers. We expect the workers to cause the government to make more U turns in the interest of the country.

  4. Don’t believe nothing coming that government headed by lionel chas & his bunch of thieves… show us the new cabinet conclusion revoking the old one …

  5. It’s quite laughable and comical that some would give commendation to the government for revoking their ill-thought out plan of Border Management Authority. It is the power and steel-like determination of the people that caused the administration to change course. Not even a modicum of credit should be given to those who hold the reins of power for this particular decision This is what unity of purpose and togetherness by the ordinary man and woman can achieve. Nothing a government fears more than the power of the people. The citizens should go on to demand more on healthcare, crime fighting and employment. The government is elected to serve the people not to dictate to them. Know your role.

  6. The point is that the revocation showed up the boneheaded incompetence of the Chastanet Government that continues to spend copious amounts of money without any mature planning of their actions.
    Imagine completely revamping the most significant revenue collection agency in the public service then finding out you botched the job. A completely misguided group.
    And the unfortunate reality is that guy, montoute Sarah king just sign off on this nonsense making cabinet such a joke.

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