St Lucia Police are investigating the discovery of a body in Vieux Fort this morning.

Details surrounding the incident are sketchy.

Law enforcement sources tell St Lucia Times that the body of a male was pulled out of the sea at Anse Besson, near Moule A’ Chique, shortly after 8 o’clock this morning.

The deceased has been identified as Clint Wells, 22, of Cider Heights, Vieux Fort. Authorities suspect that he may have drowned.

His body was recovered by the Marine Police Unit.

Police investigations are continuing.


    • Thatsnot good enough? What you want to hear ro ro? Some of you’ll just like to hear too much ro ro.why you didnot go by the place he drown to make up your own ro ro story

  1. All the young men are dying.condolences to the family. May the God who comforts be with them in the time of their need.

  2. Before u bring politics into this sad an painful time..why don’t u go the family an give y condolences..u ignorant fool..may God comfort an strengthen the family in this painful time..may be rest in peace

  3. Gone but not forgotten RIP cuffy for the time that I knew you I respected you for the unique individual that you where. and I hope your family gets comfort in they loss. Just finishing your course to move a lil more toward in life. Ppl respect and appreciate life.. One love

  4. Tragic. May God bless this family with love that will endure and he’s always there for you waiting for a hello.

  5. Sorry, correct me if I’m wrong but is not the former PM the MP of VF?
    What’s he doing about all the murders and gang violence in his constituency?
    Is he visiting the places where all this nonsense happens?
    Has he got any solutions to the situation?
    Is he denying a future for his constituents by consistently going against DSH and their massive plans for his area, threatening violence on the streets?
    Does he not want a future for the generations to come?
    Answers please on a back of a postage stamp.

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