A mini-bus plunged over a wall in Castries today narrowly missing a house and sending two people to hospital.

The accident occurred at Agard, Morne Du Don around seven o’clock Friday morning.

The blue mini-bus slammed into a roadside shed before plunging over a wall and rolling down a steep hill, stopping at the entrance of a house, eyewitnesses say.

The driver who was the lone occupant of the vehicle and an elderly man standing near the shed were taken to hospital.

Eyewitness, Joan Branford

“I was in my bedroom and I heard the vehicle coming down with one speed,” eyewitness Joan Branford recounted. “That’s the first time in my life from the time I’m living here I heard that kind of thing. When I checked my bedroom window, I saw nothing. I looked through the door, I saw nothing. I just heard a loud impact. So I ran out of the room and ran down the road.”

Eyewitnesses say the elderly man was thrown over a drain after the vehicle struck the shed.

Branford said her son assisted her in pulling the driver out of the crashed vehicle. He reported suffering a shoulder injury. He was also bleeding from the face, she said.

“I called some of the fellas, they helped to bring him up (the hill). We put him to sit down in the neighbour’s house. We tied his head with a towel to stop the bleeding because he was bleeding really bad on the side of the face,” Branford said.

The accident is thought to be the result of brake failure.