Press Release:-Castries, January 15, 2018 – The Mayor of the City of Castries has embraced the ambitious development  plans by the Government of Saint Lucia to upgrade the Bananes Bay area.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Honourable Allen Chastanet during a meeting in Bananes on Thursday January 4, 2018, with Mayor Peterson D. Francis, the Hierarchy of the RSLPF and Acting General Manager of SLASPA Mr. Daren Cenac, during which they discussed various ways to improve the area.

The nearly one hour meeting explored plans to enhance the general image of the Bananes Bay area which is a point of entry to the City of Castries.

In the coming weeks, members of the public will witness a gradual transformation of that area through a first phase beautification project.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet hopes to encourage commercial activity and develop the entire Bananes Bay strip with green spaces, park benches and restaurants along with the relocation of the Marine Police and new Police Headquarters at the old Golden Hope Hospital site.

Speaking to the plans, Prime Minister Chastanet stated: “We cannot have a point of entry to the capital city in such conditions. It is an eyesore to members of the public and what’s worse is that’s the first thing cruise visitors see when vessels come in to berth at Port Castries.  This certainly cannot and should not reflect what we are as a people.”

“All this will form part of plans to redevelopment the City of Castries,” noted Prime Minister Chastanet.

In embracing the plans, His Worship Mayor Peterson D. Francis said he will work in tandem with other stakeholders to ensure the goals are realized.

“You can count me in as this plan will tie-in nicely with the upgrading of the Castries Market and the general redevelopment of the City of Castries.”



  1. Great News. Positive news. lets hope for the best and develop St.Lucia. I see a number of roads and bridges being fixed. At least yall starting to use tax payers money.

  2. His Worship Mayor, where is all that butt kissing coming from and the same should be done for Conway, Backarra, Grass Street, Grave Yard, Agard, Foulacho and the CDC’s which are all an eye sore to the public and visitors alike.

  3. Get rid of all the trucks and trailers first. Motorists using this road risk their lives daily with the indiscrimante parking and maneuvring of these trailer trucks. There is so much land available elsewhere to accomodate them. Tapion is a residental community with a school and a hospital. Does someone have to die at the hands of these trailers before they are relocated? Anything goes in St.Lucia.

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