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PRESS RELEASE: The Saint Lucia Labour Party is calling on the government to explain why work on the John Compton Dam Rehabilitation Project (JCD) has not commenced.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party says that in 2015 when in government it had agreed on a project to rehabilitate the John Compton Dam (JCD) reservoir to return it to its original capacity of 3 million cubic meters.

The cost of the project was estimated at US $14.7 Million to be funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).  The loan was to be repaid from the funds paid by consumers on their monthly bills. The government of Saint Lucia was to provide a guarantee to the bank as is normal practice.

The project was launched in November 2015 and work was slated to commence in the last quarter of 2016.

The Rules and Guidelines for such projects funded by the CDB were initiated. Invitations for public bids from qualified contractors were advertised, project office and management for the project were implemented and all required processes were in place for the commencement of the desilting and rehabilitation project.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is asking why has the project not commenced?

SLP leader Hon Philip J Pierre said “It is our understanding that the UWP Government has failed to give the CDB the customary sovereign guarantee for the loan and is not willing to follow CDB Procurement Rules and Guidelines as they relate to the selection of contractors for this necessary project”.

“We are calling on the government to end speculation and inform the public on the exact state of the rehabilitation works on the John Compton Dam (JCD)” added the Saint Lucia Labour Party Leader.


  1. We would also like to know where de money gone? how much money has been collected from the customers to date for financing the intended works,

  2. The project was stopped due to a break down in the negotiation process with the lone bidder, has the bidding process reopened? Food for thought.

  3. How can you continue to add empty hotel rooms to St. Lucia an build DSH when Wasco can’t even get sustain water to its own people on a regular basis up in cap in certain communitys no water for months!, how can this be?…. how are you going to build Dsh with wasco water? What’s this going to do to the rest of the island water supply are they going to build another dam somewhere?……..? Smh

  4. SLP, my problem with you is that many of the major projects that would make a significant difference in the lives of the people were all in the pipeline when you were in power. According to your statements, so many things were left undone or half done just before you were booted out of office. The incumbent government seems incapable of delivering on its myriad of promises. In the interim, the people are made to suffer.

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