The Saint Lucia Red Cross has expressed concern over a communication blackout in hurricane devastated Dominica, saying that the organisation has been unable so far to obtain any information from that country.

Red Cross Director General, Terencia Gaillard, told St Lucia Times Tuesday that several unsuccessful attempts have been made to contact officials in Dominica.

“This is the first time in my experience – not hearing anything, so everybody is really concerned that it might be very, very bad,” she stated.

“Several companies in Saint Lucia with business interests in Dominica have not been able to contact their people. Our regional office out of Trinidad was not able to assist because all communication lines in Dominica are down,” Gaillard explained.

According to the Red Cross official, the information being obtained from Ham Radio Operators is very ‘sketchy’.

Gaillard noted that a lot of the operators lost their antennas, which further hampers communication.

“I know of satellite phones – there is a non-Saint Lucian person in Dominica who has one and the office here in Saint Lucia cannot even get in touch with her,” Gaillard told St Lucia Times.

She said the situation affects her organisation in it efforts to determine the extent of the damage to the Island and its needs.

The Saint Lucia Red Cross Director General told St Lucia Times that despite the inability so far to communicate with Dominica, her organisation has been collecting non-perishable items, water and medication to send to the Island on Thursday.

“There is a Dominican Captain here with three boats – he brought the boats in to shelter from the storm and he is getting ready to go back home to Dominica on Thursday and he has offered to take whatever supplies we have,” Gaillard disclosed.

Dominica’s Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, said in a Facebook post as the storm ravaged his country, that the damage to the Island from Hurricane Maria was ‘mind boggling.’






  1. Shouldn’t the RSS be on the ground already, and where is Allen and his big mouth, isnt he the OECS Chairman at the moment? And what happened to DA’s small-time dictator, has he contacted Comarade Mad-dog-duro yet?

  2. Lucian help..please in anyway yall can you never kno what tomorrow will bring ..if u see u sister falling by the road side help her up …this hurrcaine has brought us together for a reason ..take heed my ppl …go down on ur knees an pray …always thank him for what u have ..n being alive

    • Are you SERIOUS? before you impose your American spelling rules upon us, do your research. As a commonwealth nation we follow the UK rules of spelling and not the US. Therefore, we can use the “S” or the “Z” as we please, unlike the Americans who have chosen to only use the “Z”. Very soon you may want to say “COLOUR” should be “color”. Besides, after reading the aritcle that’s all you can comment on? Really shame on you?! As a region we are in a crisis and you are commenting on an incorrectly spelt word?? Let’s be focus in our thoughts please. In an attempt to appear intelligent you have made a mockery of yourself. Go pray now!! Because the hurricane season is not over yet, that being said remember some years ago we had a devastating storm in the month of December?
      Be focus whomever you are and GO PRAY!
      God be with you and your family.

      • Agreed..who cares about spelling words right now,our family and friends are in need of prayers for safety and security…God Bless Dominica .
        Only together can you rebuild

  3. morning to all, I hope as Dominican we can put the politic a side, and become human as brother’s and sister’s to one another, this is the time of healing, forget the politics, and work with each other, we are all Dominican one blood. One nation under God, let not make the the politition win, let forget about them for now and build the country up .


  5. We are Caribbean people, so what affects one affects all. Let us reach out to our brothers and sisters across the waters. Pray! Pray again. Then get up and assist somehow. Large or small they need it all. One gallon of water could save someone’s life. Open your heart today.

  6. What does spelling a word properly has to do with that ppl doesnt make mistake ..having an education is not all ppl have it n yet still cant get a job ..still stupid n yet not wise …this is not the time for spell check …education or not we all have to die we just dont kno when n how …let be nice an come together as one

  7. But if you listening u would have st Lucia will be use as a hub connection for Dominica and the rest we are not even out of the blues yet look there is a Nathan already around ,plus the on is out if the island I fine for a half rich person Allen is quit humble, so can you personally say what the pm has done wting to you? Mama to this person ,leave the man alone and pray for the best for our country,

  8. How is it that boats have not gone over to assess the situation
    All the other islands are do close by to bring generators etc for communication

  9. Whats the diffrent between the wise n the fools ..the wise live an die just like tge fool yall think thats the time for spell check honestly..when we have so much to deal with when we have to come together as one many ppl with education and can’t even use it ..some clam they smart but are they wise cuz right now i dont think a wise person would comment on someone miss spelling a word at this time its time to come together help each other dont worry about ppl miss spelling words we all make mistake one way or an other

  10. The Red Cross needs to have ham radio operators assigned to each of their branches in the Caribbean. Ham radio (not satellite phones) will work when all else fails. It is possible that the person with the satellite phone forgot to charge their phone or ran out of credit!
    Now a good ham operator will have portable antennas available for use immediately after the disaster. Remember that when Hurricane David struck Dominica in 1979 one smart ham called for help after the disaster and not during the strong winds.

  11. I hope that this “Captain “isn’t the same scammer who “claims” he’s from Dominica and claim to own a boat. (The tall dark, chubby guy. Be careful. Just saying.

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