The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), has announced plans for a ‘special event’ Monday at noon to mark the official closure of state-owned Radio Saint Lucia (RSL).

CSA General Secretary, Claude Paul, told the Times that the event is also intended to bring attention to the other  statutory entities earmarked by the government for review or closure, including the Post Office, the Saint Lucia Marketing Board and the Saint Lucia Fish Marketing Corporation.

“Enough is enough. It is time to bring some type of attention – the government seems to have mucked up as far as RSL is concerned,” Paul explained.

He disclosed that last week Monday the CSA had a meeting with the Chairman of the RSL board and the management of the radio station.

“They advised us that they would have issued letters to the staff by Thursday. Up to Friday afternoon at closing time it had not been done,” the CSA official stated.

He told the Times that the trade union is unsure of what is happening.

“So we are going ahead with some type of activity today just to mark the official closure which we were advised by the Chairman would be today,” Paul said.

He explained that CSA members would gather at the CSA Centre and take part in a special event which the trade union wants to keep as a surprise.

According to Paul, there were fifteen workers left at RSL about six of whom are represented by the CSA while the others are employees on contract.


  1. Since the government is closing everything why don’t csa just close down the whole country to get rid of this worthless government

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