Veteran Educator, Doctor Virginia Albert-Poyotte, has expressed concern about the future of students who complete their secondary school education.

The former General Secretary of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) observed that there are hundreds of students here who are graduating and will soon be receiving their CXC results.

“My biggest concern is what will happen to these children after they have completed their secondary education,” Albert-Poyotte told the Times.

The educator asserted that upon completing their secondary school education, the children are very vulnerable.

The former President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union noted that a few of them would be able to gain admission to Sir Arthur Lewis Community college, while the parents of a few others will be able to send them to further their studies overseas.

She asserted that some of the students will be able to get into the job market.

However the former CUT General Secretary observed that the majority will be left to “make their own way.”

She expressed the view that the time has come for the introduction of a serious programme in the education system, where children are kept in school – perhaps for one extra year.

Albert-Poyotte explained that the extra schooling would help them develop the life and job related skills to enable them to fit into the society.

“That in my view would address the issue of unemployment and developing suitable skills for children to fit into the job market,” she told the Times.

She declared that there are too many students who are “academically prepared”, but not socially prepared and skills oriented.