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darnley lebourne, francisco jn pierre, jadia jnpierre stluciatimes-staging.ajnbab8-liquidwebsites.com

Francisco Jn Pierre, the opposition endorsed candidate for Laborie, has responded to comments made by his daughter about his candidacy.

The daughter, Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel, is currently the Communications Director of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

She said among other things at a recent political rally of the SLP:

“For my sake, ensure that Francisco Jn Pierre loses his deposit.”

However her father told the Times that there is need to understand that Jadia was politically hired and is doing the work of her employer.

“I will not go into a war of words with Jadia over any comments she has made,” Francisco Jn Pierre said.

He noted that Saint Lucia is currently in the political season.

“If you have persons with different political ideologies whether it be daughter or father, everybody is entitled to their political belief,” Jn Pierre observed.

The daughter’s comments have drawn a response from former government Press Secretary, Darnley Lebourne.

Lebourne cautioned Jn Pierre Emmanuel to be very careful.

Echoing the adage that blood is thicker than water, the former Press Secretary noted that life is interesting in terms of things that may occur in the future.

“Mishaps, whatever that may occur and what we have to fall back on almost all the time is family and I have been through that personally,” he told Radio Caribbean International’s Newsspin programme with host – Timothy Poleon.

Lebourne said:

“When you find yourself cornered – medical, accident etc, it is your family you have to turn to in order to console you.”

He observed that Francisco Jn Pierre has been quizzed before in relation to his daughter.

In Lebourne’s opinion, the father responded in the right way by saying that Jadia is an adult and has the right to choose which political party she supports.

The former government Press Secretary asserted that no one is questioning the daughter’s loyalty.

But he expressed the view that she should stay away from delving into the realm of family, since they are the ones who have to support someone when an unfortunate situation occurs.