fuelling nozzle inserted into petrol tank at gas station for gasoline filling

The government of Saint Lucia has been responding to concerns over the latest hike in fuel prices.

Nancy Charles, the Attache to Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, was quizzed yesterday by reporters outside parliament on the issue.

Charles said it had been explained that once the United Workers Party (UWP) got into government, it would try as much as possible to understand the calculation of the price, report the matter to the nation and say what was being made by the government on the fuel prices.

“When we discussed the calculations it was explained to us that this current price that just came out was  the result of a five week pass through mechanism as opposed to a three-week,” the Attache explained.

Charles disclosed that the price was supposed to change on June 6, 2016 which was elections day.

“It was delayed and   the following week they could not have increased it because there was not a cabinet sworn in as yet,” she stated.

Charles said:

“So you have now a five week period of time for the calculation and I am supposing that is why you have an increase.

Charles told reporters that if her memory is correct, the government is making a $2.50 tax and a six percent fuel surcharge on the price of fuel.