Assistant Principal Nursing Officer, Tecla Jn. Baptiste, has expressed concern about the impact of prostate cancer on Saint Lucian men.

‘We are losing our men through prostate cancer,” Jn. Baptiste asserted, adding that this has implications for families and the population as a whole.

The Assistant Principal Nursing Officer believes that men are pillars of the family structure, according to the Communications Unit of the Ministry of Health.

She called on men to visit Wellness Centres to be educated on the disease and access the services that are available.

Jn. Baptiste told the Communications Unit that the primary aim is to avoid preventable deaths and reduce illness caused by cancers.

“Services are available at the various Wellness Centres island wide. Our services include – pap smear, breast examinations, prostate exams and also testicular exams for men. It is free of cost to the public, therefore we are urging persons to access the services,” the senior health official explained.

World Cancer Day will be observed on February 4, 2018 under the theme – ‘We can. I can.’

Cancer has been identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as  the second leading cause of death globally, claiming an estimated 8.8 million lives  in 2015.

The number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades, WHO has said.


  1. If that’s really the case, and if cases are to increase by about 70% over the next two decades then I think that more emphasis should be placed on prostate cancer. In my humble opinion it seem that a lot of the emphasis is place on breast cancer nowadays.

  2. Men are 2nd class citizens in St.lucia. we have no rights over our children ( especially if not married). Its time we men make a stand demand equal and fair treatment in the legal and health system. We do all sorts of things for the cancers that affect women, even gone as far as walking in heels ( an emasculating gesture if u ask me) . male lives matter too! Men are committing suicide at a far higher rate than women!

  3. It is import to find out the root cause of prostate cancer. Is it a plague that has come upon the earth or is the problem found in our foods. Please investigate the source.

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