Police are investigating a homicide at Micoud.

Davidson Egarnes, 20,  died after sustaining a stab wound  to the chest at around 10 pm on Monday, July 31, 2017 on the Micoud Playing Field, according to law enforcement sources.

The alleged assailant  has been identified as a seventeen year old.

Egarnes was pronounced dead at around 10. 55 pm at St Jude Hospital, law enforcement sources said.


  1. Oh dear. Very sad news.
    Our young ppl need anger management cause clearly they can’t deal with conflict very well.

  2. We are no longer able to use our human intelligence, we now embraced our primal and uncivilized instincts back to the jungle for us.
    People please civilize your kids.

  3. Heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the victim. What is most concerning about some of the murders and crimes is the youthful age of the perpetrators. This speaks volumes about our society. Our children are growing into hardened criminals at a very early age. The government and the rest of society just stand idly by and watch with hands in the air while our youths self-destruct. We have to mold these children’s minds at an early age while they are pliable for you cannot bend a tree when it has grown. In homes and schools more emphasis should be placed on moral principles , conflict resolution, civics, virtues, etcetera. Parents, teachers and adults should set high standards for our children to emulate. Politics should be less abrasive. This Slash & Burn, Cut-Throat politics should end as it is having a deleterious effect on society. Everyone needs to make a determined effort and contribution to make St. Lucia a kinder and gentler place to live.

    • “The government and the rest of society just stand idly by and watch with hands in the air while our youths self-destruct.”

      * General statements like these are offensive especially to those who try, in their little corners to help, but a fought by the very types of people who cry ‘he did not deserve this’.

      Let me be specific based on my observations:

      1. We want an American society, without American resources. Greed. There are many barrel babies and latchkey kids in our society. Many are striving for the glamourous TV life without the hard work. Not their fault. Television does not exactly portray the challenges of a glamourous life. When you try to counsel a few of those young people, you face much opposition from others.

      2. Common standards are fewer. There are times when we should operate on ‘feelings’ and times when we should really look at what is ‘fair to all involved’. ‘Feelings’ has taken predominance. Consequently, we have many parents more absorbed with wanting to feel young and good than fulfilling duties of parents. Many are more concerned about being their kids’ only friend than their kids’ positive role model. Try and speak to them. They do not want to look old and wait for their kids to grow up before ‘living their lives’. Then, rather than the government having to deal with orphans, and kids or mentally challenged, it has to deal with all.

      3. A lot of us, need an attitude adjustment. We are too fast to ‘not take nonsense from nobody’. We leave jobs becuase of this. We insult customers and vice versa because of this. Despite all those inspirational WhatsApp messages being circulated, we are becoming more hostile, more aggressive humans.

      4. And of course hormones and science play a great role.

  4. during the castries carnival Police recovered dozens of weapons from young people not a word was said. Instead irated parents gathered by the custody suits scolding police officer indefence of their children. These are the seeds we’ve planted and lets stop being hypocrites

  5. Indeed Vibz you have covered it all. Our once Godly nation gas chosen to go the other way which is the way of Cain. Definitely we as a people need to instill within our children from early how to be a “coward” and walk away from trouble as well as gnoring certain taunting comments etc. It’s so painful to know that our small island can produce so many criminals. Let’s pray for our precious island.

  6. What’s wrong with our people. What the hell government have to do with young people’s behaviour is it government who sending them to do what they’re doing …is it their parents who sending them to do what they doing my goodness stop blaming people for other peoples mistakes. The youths have a mind of their own. From the day they cut their navel string they’re on their own. When a donkey doesn’t want to walk no matter how you beat it .it will not walk ..so as the youths of today no one can change that.. My God stop blaming people for others problems. Yes society is hurting. We feel bad and sad about it but there’s nothing me and you can do. No police no councillors no mother no father can change that. It only causing blames to one another .that is for a time..

    • Anonymous August 1, 2017, 9:46 am

      Are you for real? Your comments defy commonsense! You are advocating that we do nothing about murders and other serious crimes committed by young people because they are intractable murderous. What kind of asinine, twisted, rope-like thinking is that? All governments throughout the world would tell you that their most important duty is to keep their citizens, residents and visitors safe and secure. If we have to blame and shame the government and the rest of society into taking actionable initiatives to curtail this phenomenon then do be it. Your statements can be attributed to supreme ignorance. Ignorance is the primary source of all misery and vice. Become informed and enlightened!

    • I’ll get right to the point……. I Have read many comments and letters posted here and yours, by far, is the most ignorant, narrow minded and selfish that I have ever read.
      I know there’s plenty I can do to try to bring about change, whether or not it is successful is a totally different story. I will not stop trying, all it takes is to have a positive impact on one individual and I would’ve made a difference.
      I feel sorry for any young person that needs someone too guide them on the right path and comes in contact with you, hopefully they won’t think that all adults are like you……..

  7. Trinidad land of carnival have two celebrations Port of Spain and San Fernando.

    We not near them and we have about eight or nine.

    We must learn

    • I just couldnt sit by and not comment at this. Are you saying because Trinidad has two, we should only have two as well. You see that’s the thing, this is the reason why we don’t grow at all,because we fail to be different. Is like we must always wag behind copying people. We have to wake up and be our own person. And here u go downgrading the level of your country. Is like who are we to have all of those festival. The truth is carnival or no carnival, crime will always happen. It will never stop until we learn to respect and love each other. Some of those young men think they are bosses and unstoppable, Obviously one day one of their victims will stand up to them and show them that enough is enough. People please before you come on social media lamenting whatever it is that u want to lament,take time and rethink your thoughts.

  8. Guardsmen. Security have work 520 a fortnight and if u are a good spy or always available to work double shift u get promoted to a supervisor for a dollar more

  9. The youth need alternatives to help them stay on track. Helplessness and hopelessness will increase possibilities high risk behavior while decreasing the protective factors. Wake up my people

  10. Concerned you are an idiot you should understand what you read…..what the person is saying. Trinidad and Tobago hav Carnival. and you dont hear these going on….like the killing or killings.thats what the person is saying. you must read with understanding.

  11. Somebody back there just said the government standing by ?????? What???? Please don’t blame the government. The society elects the government. The government is made of people with the same mind-set as the society. The society sets no boundaries. The society sets the pace. So the society abandons ‘creator God’ who set boundaries for them. The society is the one who drinks and dances themselves into stupor and don’t care to know the names or needs of their offspring. The society is the one who indulges in every little invention hurled at them by the rulers and principalities of this world. The society casts off their offspring to their own means and devices…. and therein lies the root of the problem. Why don’t the society invest in their offspring?. I really believe there are many more ‘good law-abiding citizens’ than ‘lawbreakers’ in St Lucia. Used to be that your neighbour would woop you children if they were doing something bad………… and vice versa….. and you would appreciate the help. Maybe we should return to that. If I see my neighbour’s child picking a pocket maybe I should arrest him? What do you think about that? Maybe if I also see my neighbour can’t afford breakfast or school for their child, I should sponsor the child. What do you think about that? Maybe there is just to much fete, too much cheap liquor, too much cheap clothing, too many cheap phones……………… excesses in everything.

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